How can I sign out of Gmail? This article provides a step on how to logout from Gmail. Gmail sign out or to logout of Google account serves as a mode in securing your account. Most people don’t sign out of their accounts after logging into their account. This actually exposes your email account to certain attack like your email account been hacked. Asides from the fact that the “Gmail stay sign-in” allows you to stay logged in to your Gmail account without the need to login to your when you want to access your email account.

Gmail Sign Out - How to Logout from Gmail | Logout of Google Account

It’s very important after signing into your email account to logout from the web for security reasons. When you don’t log out of your email account, this expose your account to illegal access or unauthorized access. Therefore, exposing your important information like your bank account to public view. However, the Gmail sign out is a feature that allows sign off your account when you complete your activity.

How to Sign out my Gmail Account on Desktop Website

Security is one of the biggest thing Google has decided to improve on their email service. The two-step authorization is another option that enables you to secure your account. The process of signing out your Gmail account remains the first and last process to secure your account. here is how to log out of Gmail account on Computer:

  • Go to on your web browser.
  • In the Gmail homepage, click on your profile photo.
  • At the bottom of the listed menu, click Sign out.

That’s how to sign out a Gmail account or another account in which is sign in to your device. Keep in mind, when you sign out of Gmail, this automatically logs you out of several services in which you’re signed in to. For instance, signing out your Gmail account automatically log out of your YouTube account.

How to Log out of Gmail Mobile App and Website 

First of all, to sign out of Gmail on the mobile website. All you need to do is click on the link above which will open your Gmail mail inbox page. Then, you can click on the hamburger icon and select manage account. Finally, click Sign out using the Gmail mobile website. For the Gmail Mobile app:

  • Open the Gmail app and click Manage accounts.
  • Select the account you to sign off and click in the three horizontal dots.
  • Then, you can click Remove account.

However, the option to sign out of Gmail mobile app is to remove the email from your device. This depends on the type of device you’re using to access your email account. However, you can move to Google Manage Settings to set up a two-step authentication access.