How can I sign in my Gmail account without the mobile phone or with my computer? First of all, there is no difference between signing into your computer and on your mobile phone. All procedures come with has the same application likewise creating a Gmail login I.e. creating a new Gmail account. However, you can learn the right step on how to sign in to Gmail account on the computer. To open your Gmail account, Gmail sign in computer allows you to access your emails from a computer if you’re far or without your mobile phone.

Gmail Sign In Computer - Gmail Sign in to Computer | Gmail Sign In Desktop

On the contrary, the Gmail sign in computer serves as an important security on the internet. Generally, the sign in is actually an identification portal for identifying your account by providing your credentials. As for Gmail sign in computer, the method of identification includes your Gmail email address and also your account password. That way, you’ll be authorized to access your account. By providing the right credentials and if your credential is linked with the Gmail email server.

How to Sign in Gmail Without Mobile Phone

In the meantime, if you don’t want to make use of your mobile phone or you’re not close to your Gmail app on your mobile phone. The Gmail computer login is another option you can use to sign in or log in to your email account on the web using the official Gmail website.

To login Gmail on the computer:

  • On your computer go to the Gmail official website
  • This will by default direct you to the sign in portal.
  • Then, enter your email address and click next.
  • Next, enter your Gmail account password and click Sign in.

In other not to go through the process of Gmail computer login. You can simply, click Remember me” whenever you want to access your Gmail account on your computer. Also, you don’t need to enter the email address and password again.

How to Sign Out of Gmail on the Computer

After a successful Gmail login to your computer or desktop, for security reasons. It’s of your best interest or important to sign off or out your Gmail account especially while using public PC. Signing out your Gmail email account helps to keep your account safe from any invalid or unrecognize authorization.

To sign out of Google Mail account:

  • While you’re still logged in to your Gmail account.
  • You can simply click the profile icon at the top of your screen.
  • Scroll down and click on Sign out and you will be successfully sign out of your account.

Keep in mind, you’re not completely sign out of your account based on the fact that your email address still appears on the sign portal. Therefore, when you sign out, you can click Manage Account and remove your email account from the Gmail sign in page.