How do I report a suspicious email? One of the tools most hackers use in hacking people account is through sending suspicious link to your email account. With your email account, they can actually get the various password to your login site. For instance, you might see a message sent to your email telling you to click the link to access one thing or the others. Most time these links are regarded hacked links that can easily access your email account once your link on it. Contrarily, Gmail Report Spam allows you to get rid of suspicious messages and also get rid of the offending message immediately.

Gmail Report Spam - How do I Stop Spam Emails in Gmail

Nevertheless, most times Gmail also immediately identified spam messages or suspicious emails. Once an email is identified as a spam email or suspicious message, Gmail then sends it to the spam folder. But most times, the suspicious messages or spam email manage to slip off the chart and goes to your inbox that what you need to watch out for. Furthermore, you can also say that Gmail Report Spam is explanatory to Gmail anti-spam system.

Gmail Report Spam – How to I Make Email as Spam

On the contrary, Gmail report spam or marking an email as spam can be identified as a security measure that keeps your account safe and secure. Also, the reporting of spam email gives the platform a better means of identifying messages similar to the one you reported.

  • Go to on your web browser or open the Gmail app.
  • Login your email account if you aren’t logged in yet.
  • Afterward, you can access the sender’s profile message of the suspicious message.
  • Then in the top right corner, you can click More …
  • Next click Report spam.

However, you can click Report spam & unsubscribe to the platform to stop receiving messages or simply click Report spam. However, once you mark a message as spam, the message immediate goes to your spam folder and you can delete them forever. Also, in case you mistakenly mark an email as spam, from the spam folder, you can unmark by clicking “Report as not spam” on the selected message.

Unmark an Email as Spam

In case you weren’t able to access the aspect of unmarking an email reported as spam to be not spam. If you incorrectly marked an email as spam you can recover the folder to your main inbox folder.

  • Open the app or access the website.
  • On the mobile app click the three horizontal line and select Spam. For the web, simply click Spam.
  • Then select the message you want to unspam by clicking Not spam.

Keep in mind when an email is spammed, any message coming from the spam email will be automatically redirected to the spam folder. Unspamming the message allows you to start receiving messages from the service again.