Gmail Login, A Gmail is a google account that uses @Gmail at the end of its address. Gmail account was invented in the year 2004. And was in demand by users for unlocking some android apps and site associated with Gmail account login. As at the time of its inception the storage capacity for it is 1 GB memory and people started trading other emailing couriers for the google mail account. As there is an expansion of storage on google mail account so the increase in its partnership.

Gmail Login - How to Sign in to Gmail Account | Gmail Login Account

This Gmail account login help users to have access to other Google apps like Picasa, blogger, and maps. So many users like the application. It is so because it helps in arranging your day to day activities and put them in their order. Gmail allows users to use it as their business email addresses and can be managed by the user itself without interference.

Importance of Gmail Account

They are several reasons why people need to have a Gmail account because a Google mail account gives maximum satisfaction to your needs. Below is the benefit derived from Gmail Account login;

  1. Gmail account login gives users exclusive access to every other google account.
  2. It creates a reliable and makes communication easy.
  3. Since it is now used by almost everybody it is wise for the business owner to use this platform for the business transaction because your client might be making use of it.
  4. Electronic mail aid teaching and learning process.
  5. It is the fastest and easiest way of sending and receiving information.

There are so many fascinating things you can do with a Gmail account. However, the need for a Gmail account sign up is required before you can receive a Gmail login ID which includes your email address and password. This Gmail login ID will enable you to sign in to your email account on any supported device.

Gmail Account Login – How to Login

You can sign in to your Gmail account in different ways using different devices to perform the task. Once you are signed in, then you have full control of the account.  Here is the way of signing into your Gmail;

  1. Get a smartphone device, tablet or computer and visit the address which is the official URL.
  2. Provide your login Gmail address or phone number assigned to your account.
  3. Type in your password code provided in the password box.
  4. Click on sign in.

Once this is done, the user will be signed in to their account. All Gmail users are advised to keep their signing in details confidential so that their account login details will not be given away. For this reason, always remember to sign out from your account anytime you login, you can only stay logged in if you are using a personal device to perform the operation.

How to Sign in to Gmail Mobile App

Another platform in which you can sign in to your Gmail account is by using the official mobile app “Gmail app” On the contrary, the Gmail app work in all devices and you can easily access your emails anywhere, anytime, on your mobile phone. Download and install the Gmail app and then sign in to your account.

  • First the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to download the app.
  • Next, search and install the Gmail app.
  • Open the Gmail app
  • click on the Sign in icon.
  • Enter the login ID details to your Gmail account.
  • Finally, click Sign in.

In summary, when you sign in to a device that is not your, it important you sign out of the account. You can simply click on your profile icon and click Sign out. However, the sign out process differs on the Gmail mobile app to the desktop. Hence, click on the Link to sign out of your Gmail account.