How do I go about the Gmail login another account? On the contrary, the Gmail login portal has greatly upgraded to a better experience where you can sign in multiple email account and manage then all on just one platform. Also, most of the email service apps like Gmail introduce the integration of other email service providers to add another account. For instance, if you have an Outlook mail account or a Yahoo mail account, you can both log them in on the Gmail app.

Gmail Login Another Account - Gmail Sign In Another Account

Furthermore, the Gmail login another account is an integrated feature on the Gmail login portal which you can add os log in to more email account. The Gmail login another account allows you to add more than five accounts. While the Gmail mobile app enables you to also log in to another account that is non-Gmail accounts of more than 5. But keep in mind, the Gmail login another account on the web. It only accepts Gmail accounts and but doesn’t accept non-Gmail accounts. Thereby, the Gmail sign in another account on the mobile app can be considered as Gmail login different user.

Gmail Sign In Another Account Step

Just like I mentioned earlier, you can go through the Add an account on the Gmail web to manage multiple email account. The most important aspect of the Gmail login another account feature is that you can easily switch to any email account. To read messages or compose an email without having to sign out your account email.

  • Go to and if you’re already signed in to the email service you can jump to the third step.
  • If not you can simply, log on to your Gmail account by providing your email address and password.
  • Then, click the profile picture icon at the top right corner of the page and select Add an account.
  • Afterward, you can then login with your email address and email account password.
  • Lastly, click Sign in.

That’s how to go about the Gmail sign in another account on the Gmail web. When you want to switch to any email account without logging out of our account. The section where you click on the profile icon, you can click on it again. Then, you will see the email account you added.

Gmail Login Different User on the Mobile Phone

On the contrary, the fascinating aspect of the Gmail app is that you can sign in multiple Google Gmail account. Also, add accounts from different users or email service. The feature is integrated into the new Gmail mobile app version. Therefore, make use you have the updated Gmail app and not the old one.

  • Open the Gmail mobile app on your device and if you’re also signed to the Gmail go to the three steps.
  • In case you’re not, you can sign in with your Gmail login credentials.
  • Then, click the profile picture image and select Add an account.
  • Select either the Google, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mai, or others to add a different account user.
  • Then provides the required login credential linked to the email account.

Keep in mind, even without you having to log in to the Gmail app based on the second step. You can simply add an account that is different from Gmail directly Gmail login portal. Then you can go back to the section of adding another account.