Gmail which dates back to 2004 has a lot of benefits for businesses and individuals. Part of the numerous products from Google, it is a free webmail service that supports advertisement for Email clients. A typical Gmail account has several interfaces among which is the Gmail inbox. This is where you can find all your sent and received messages. The Gmail Login Inbox allows you to check your inbox when you fully log in. When you open your Gmail account, you can check your messages in the inbox folder.

Gmail Inbox – How to Access Gmail Inbox | Gmail Inbox Message

The Gmail inbox is one of the toolbars on the Gmail account where all emails from clients are stored. Other toolbars include Gmail outbox, Gmail draft, All mail, spam, sent messages, and so on. The inbox is very important because it quickly shows you that there is a mail that needs to be attended to. You can get access to read email messages as soon as it’s been delivered to your email account right from your Gmail inbox.

Most are still confused on what INBOX is all about. They still think is the email account itself. Yes, that’s true but the inbox section is located in your account. Before you can have access to the Gmail inbox, the following has to be considered:

  • Gmail sign up
  • Gmail sign in

Do I need a Google account to access Gmail Inbox? Just as been said earlier, the first step is for you to have a Gmail account. It is free and open to all users above the required age limit. Owning a Google account is also same as creating a Gmail account as all Google services required a Gmail account. This is the one account to all Google service policy.

How to Access Gmail Inbox

Visit via any web browser, preferably the google chrome or mobile app. There will be a field where you will be required to enter your Gmail username and password. Provide your Gmail Username and password after which you click “Google sign in” in order to sign in to your personal Google account. The email folder is the default view that will pop-up once you click on Gmail Sign in. Once the “Inbox “ link is clicked, you will be able to access all emails in your Google email folder.

Where do I find the Google Inbox

Gmail Inbox can be found on the left side of your Gmail account portal if you are using your phone.It can also be found on the left side of your Gmail account portal if you are using a computer. This is only when the user is able to carry out a successful sign into his or her account.

As users who are still new to this platform be rest assured that all your email messages sent to you can be found in your Gmail messages or the spam section. Note that whenever you are expecting mail you can always check your spam box to see if it was listed as spam.

Mails missing from my Google Inbox

There are instances when your emails do not drop in your Gmail inbox folder or section. Kindly click on the “Spam” or “Junk” folders when you do not see your expected emails in your inbox. Most times the sender must have entered a wrong email address you can just try to verify from the sender what the email address he or she entered in the send section.

Irrespective of the device you are using to browse the Internet. Your Google inbox can be located once you open your email account. That’s the very first section you see after a successful sign in. One has to be careful whenever you are making use of other users PC. This is so as they don’t have access to your Gmail inbox afterward.