Get My Payment App – Download IRS2Go For Android And iOS

As a mobile device user, do you know that the easiest way to get your third stimulus payment from IRS is through the Get my payment app known as IRS2Go? The Get My Payment app is a mobile application that you can use to check when and how you can receive your tax payment. Also, with the Get My Payment App, you can send IRS your bank details to get a payment that wants to be issued to you as direct deposit. But before you can use the app, you have to first download it. But not to worry as to how to go about the download would be stated for you here in this article.

Get My Payment App - Download IRS2Go For Android And iOS

To download the Get My Payment App (IRS2Go) is very easy on any of your devices. And even according to research, the app does not need to be installed from any app store before it can be used. As it would display on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device. But if it’s not on your device, you can visit your device app store to locate the app for download. Besides, it is totally free and safe for both download and use. So once you have downloaded it, you can now track the status of your payment with some of your basic information on the app.

Is The Get My Payment App Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe and secure for you to download and use. And it is only available on So your safety and security are 100% assured and guaranteed. So as a taxpayer, you only need some of your information to quickly obtain the status of your payment. Some of this information includes; your social security number, date of birth, and the mailing address you have used on your latest tax return.

Is The Get My Payment App (IRS2Go) Free?

Yes, the app is free for you to use. Besides, it enables you to track your status and get your money fast even if you do not have your direct deposit information with the IRS to input it. So visit Google Play on your device with an internet connection and process the download of the app with these steps listed below.

How To Download IRS2Go

Downloading the IRS2Go app is very easy to do. All you just need is an internet connection and nothing more. Once you have connected to the internet, you can now proceed to download the app. If you cant download the app on your device because of storage space. You can just use the web to visit the online website of ”Get My Payment” to be able to do what you want to on the platform which includes tracking your payment and more. Here are steps below on how to download the app below;

  • Launch Google Play or App Store on your respective mobile device
  • Locate the IRS2Go app or Get My payment app using the store search engine
  • Click on the app
  • Tap on the install or get button to process the app download

Once the app has successfully been downloaded, you can open the app to set up and use. Actually, there is no difference between the app and the website. Just that the app requires you to download while the website requires the use of your web browser and the app is considered the fastest way to access the platform. But all the same, you can choose to use the app or website to access get my payment as they both perform almost the same functions.