Fundraiser with Facebook Live – How do You Add a Donate Button to Facebook Live

Fundraiser with Facebook Live – Can you donate on Facebook Live
Ever since the very launched of the Facebook fundraiser charitable tool, many people have been inspired by the service has provided. Therefore, Facebook has become more committed to help people raise fund easier through the Facebook fundraiser so as to empower people to do better in the world. Today, through the charitable giving tools, Facebook has introduced a new way fundraiser can raise money for nonprofits through the Fundraiser with Facebook Live. This allows you to raise money by going live on Facebook.

Fundraiser with Facebook Live - How do You Add a Donate Button to Facebook Live

On the contrary, Fundraiser with Facebook Live gives people the ability to add the donate button to their live videos with a verified page. This only gives opportunities to a public figure, brands, business, and organization a new way to raise fund or money on Facebook concerning the nonprofit. However, the new feature is accessible on iOS devices and to admins with a verified barge in the United States.

Fundraiser with Facebook Live – Who can Fundraise in Facebook Live

Initially, Facebook gave giving only the nonprofits cause the opportunities to add a donate button on their live videos. this will actually create more attention and gives people an easy way to raise money. However, this feature is based for a US-based 501 (C)(3), and access no celebrities, business, and other organization with a blue badge indicated a verified page on Facebook. Anytime you go live viewers who access your live videos will see the donate button to donate. This factor is a great way to optimize and rally supporters around your cause.

In addition, for those that are US-based 501 (C)(3) charity with a verified page has the ability to use the donation tools to raise money.

How to Add a Donate Button to a Liver Video

Want to go live with the Facebook fundraiser? Here are the instructions you need to add the button to your videos. Moreover, this step will also indicate how admin of a verified page using mentions, or the page manager app to add a donate button. For your verified page

  • Click on the “…” button before going live for more options on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Then tap “add donate button” and select a nonprofit.
  • Go live, and the donate button for the nonprofit you selected will be attached to the bottom of your live video.
  • This will enable friends or fans to donate directly from the video as they watch or after you post the video to your page.
  • People will be able to see how much money has been raised.

Keep in mind, that if you are not credible with the required term to condition to add the donate button to a live video, you can’t access the process.