On the contrary, Freebasic Facebook stands out to be an online service that gives you the privilege to access a range of necessary internet services for free of charge. However, this Freebasic Facebook happens to be an open platform that anyone can submit their website to. Meanwhile, you can add your website to this Free basic Facebook as long as it meets the technical and participating guidelines. Also, accessing this Freebasic Facebook requires you to have a SIM card. Without it, you can’t access Free basic. With this Free basic, you get to browse the popular website for free of charge.

Freebasic Facebook - Benefits of the Freebasic Facebook | Free Basic App

Nevertheless, this Freebasic Facebook is part of the programs within internet.org. This Freebasic Facebook aim is to connect more than 90% of the world together with areas of existing cellular coverage. Meanwhile, for you to be able to access this Free basic Facebook, you must be having barriers like affordability, access, and awareness. However, the most interesting part of this Free basic is that these Freebasic Facebook platforms give anyone access to a service that includes developers, non-profits, and even the government so they can add their services for free basics and get to the next wave of people coming online respectively.

Free basic Facebook Benefits

By adding your website to Free Basics or by accessing the Freebasic Facebook, the benefit is, it helps you grow your audience by providing affordable access to your services. Also, it will scale the social impact you are about creating and launch your brand early in emerging markets.

Where can I get Free Basics?

However, while you want to access the Free basic Facebook, it cannot be accessed online. The only way in which you can access the Free basic Facebook is if you download the mobile app. Meanwhile, the Free basic Facebook can be downloaded for Android, iPhone, and PC. It is compatible with every device and you can access it any time after downloading it.

Freebasic Facebook app Download

However, downloading the Freebasic Facebook app is very easy. All you have to do is, visit the Google Play Store, or the Apple app store. Then use the search engine to search for “Free basic” and click on the search icon. The store will search for the app and display the result to you. Click on it when you see it and then you will be taken to another. On the page you get to click on the download button, the Free basic Facebook app will now download and installs automatically.