Find My iPhone on Mac – Find My Mac

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On the contrary, there are different Apple operating systems in which people can use to find their iPhone if stolen or lost. We have the likes of the iOS device, macOS, and iPadOS. With this following device, you can track down your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch through the use of an application known as Find My iPhone. Aside from the name giving to the application you can use it to find your Mac as well. However, the Find My iPhone on Mac actually allows you to detect the approximate location of your stolen or missing Mac.

Find My iPhone on Mac - Find My Mac

First of all, Find My iPhone on Mac is actually an application of older versions of Apple devices that allows people to remotely locate lost Apple devices. The new version of the Find My iPhone is now as Find My in all iOS 13 operating system. However, both application was launched into iOS and macOS to enable a system where people will be able to track their devices which is called Find My iPhone on Mac.

How to Use Find My iPhone App to Find My Mac

In case your Mac goes missing, you don’t need to worry because, with the use of find my mac which is also the Find My iPhone App, you can easily navigate the approximate location where your device came online or connected. Here are the procedures:

  • Make use of the application on another user device.
  • Then you can select your device (Mac).
  • From the list of devices been showcased, you can locate your device on the map and even get directions.
  • Also, you can apply some of the security features provided.

The Find my iPhone is not just limited to iPhone only you can as well Find My Mac with it. This is one good real-time tracker of all time I have ever seen on Apple devices.


  • Simply visit
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Select Find device.
  • From the view, you will the list of devices and you can select yours.

Keep this in mind, the only means in which the following procedure is able to achieve its goal is if you already turn on Find My iPhone app before stolen. In other words, you the application must have already been set up before you can flag your Mac has missing or stolen.

Additional Method to Locate My Mac

In case you located your Mac device and you find out it is shut down or offline. Simply, all you need to do is request a notification once your device is active by turning on the notification icon. In the case where you notice your Mac is Locked after recovering it. Also, you can use the following process:

  • Sign in to the link
  • Then you can select the name of your device, from the Devices menu.
  • Select Unlock.

Once you’ve selected the option, you can then go through the steps provided so as to verify your identity. Afterward, you will be able to identify the passcode that you required to unlock your Mac. Keep in mind, the passcode has a small limited amount of time before it expires.