fb.gg – Watch Live Video Game Streaming | Facebook Gaming Hub

Do you know the meaning of fb.gg or what it does, I bet you don’t know? But right here on this article, you can learn more about the platform. On the contrary, the social media giant attempts to move into more entertaining aspects. For users not just coming to Facebook to communicate or advertising. But has introduces a new game streaming hub or video game website to stop your boredom on Facebook. The Fb.gg commonly known as Facebook game gaming is a newly launched dedicated game streaming hub to enjoy playing live games with friends.

fb.gg - Watch Live Video Game Streaming | Facebook Gaming Hub

However, the Fb.gg is actually designed to give Facebook Live streamers who enjoy gaming to discover a landing page of more prominent and advantage games to play with friends. On the platform, you can also enjoy watching popular esports and also stream live video games from popular gamers on the homepage. Also, the homepage offers various features of streaming content from players you follow. Either by adding a game or following streamers and other gaming industry-centric contents.

fb.gg- Features of the Facebook Games Gaming Streaming Hub or Platform

One of the amazing aspects of the fb.gg, it acts as a way to help game lovers to discover new streaming hub. Even find streamers to watch without having to shift through crowded chaos of the news feed. The streaming hub enables you to Go Live and play games with friends, view streamer dashboard and view various collections of games. However, there are amazing games to add to your collection, gaming streamers to follow and lots more.

On the contrary, the fb.gg work pretty similar to other streaming platforms like Twitch or Mixer. Literally, Facebook designed its own gaming software which is more like a version of the Twitch’s partner program with the integration of its own gaming creator pilot program. The main reason is to lure streamers from the Twitch and YouTube gamers to the more popular gaming hubs.

How to Access the Facebook Game Gaming Streaming Hub

On the contrary, fb.gg happens to be one of the most tops streamed and highest streaming video games. Whereby suggested number of youngsters recorded spending more than three hours in streaming games of Facebook games streamers.

However, in other to access the platform you can www.fb.gg on your web browser to access the game streaming hub. Once you have accessed the gaming page, you can then check to amazing live streamers. Also, go live if you want to join the live streaming game at the left top side of the page.