FaceTime Video Calls – How do I Make a FaceTime Video Call

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The world has developed into sometime amazing and with the integration of video applications, you can see people in real-time. Now many businesses make use of the video call in other to conduct an interview with applicants. On the contrary, FaceTime video calls are one of the best-supported videotelephony applications to makes call with friends & family to see them in live views or real-time. However, the FaceTime video call application doesn’t support all devices except users on the Apple devices.

FaceTime Video Calls - How do I Make a FaceTime Video Call

Furthermore, the Video call button is one of the features of the FaceTime App which is also integrated with Audio calls in other to find it easily and funny to communicate with people. The feature was launched on the iPhone 4 for over some years now, the application makes use of devices with front-facing cameras in other to enables the caller to see the receiver in real-time. Learn how you can make video calls with your loved ones using the application.

How to Makes Video Calls Using the FaceTime App

One important fact you need to understand is that you can also make a video call or audio call with someone using the same FaceTime which is compatible with their devices. For instance, someone with an iPhone & can make a FaceTime call with someone using iPhone X.

  • Access the FaceTime App on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Then click on the plus icon and enter the details you need to provides such as:
  • Email address or a number of the person you want to call.
  • Lastly, click Video to call the person.

Once the person you can pick the call, you will be able to see the receiver as well as the caller face-to-face. However, you can as well make a video call using the Mac device and keep in mind the application can’t be download. Because it’s already pre-loaded on your devices for set up.

How to Use the Group FaceTime App on your iPhone or Mac

Another exciting aspect or feature of the facetime video call is that you can actually multiple calls by adding more than 3 people at the same time. This is by starting a group using the Facetime app in other to start a conversation group where different people have the privilege of people.

  • The same way you made a video call, do the same by accessing your app
  • Click the + icon
  • Enter the number or email or the first receiver.
  • Then you can click the + icon angina to add more people.

However, the device compatible with multiple video calling includes devices such as iOS devices of version 12.1.4 or iPadOS of devices like iPhone 6 or higher, iPad Pro, Air Mini 4, Touch of 7th generation. These are all the devices that are compatible with Group calls on FaceTime.