FaceTime For Android – Can You Use FaceTime on Android

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Can I do FaceTime with my Android Phone? Many android users keep on asking this particular question due to the love of the application on iOS devices. iOS users are feeling the potential of the FaceTime app and the features that come while being the application to video chat with your loved ones. Unfortunately, Facetime for android as the first video calling application isn’t available on the Android devices. The application is designed and integrated on iOS device that requires no downloading procedures.

FaceTime For Android - Can You Use FaceTime on Android

Those people that are on the Android platform are feeling frustrated about the development of the app been accessible on only iOS devices as there are no Facetime For Android. Initially, Apple been the rightful owner of the Facetime Videotelephony made it available that the application will be only access and use by people on iOS devices such as (iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and on Mac devices.  However, since there is no Facetime For Android, you can also make use of other video calling application.

Facetime For Android – Which FaceTime App is Best for Android Device

Just as I mentioned before, there’s no Facetime for android. Facetime is an in-built application video calling where you can go face-to-face to connect with your family and friends. But there is other app like FaceTime you can make use of on your android device.

  • Facebook Messenger: The Messenger application offers you free online video and voice call on your android phone.
  • Google Duo:  this is another of the best application you want you can make video calling for free which is not only available on Android but also on iOS.
  • IMO: this application seems to be a dating platform but also a video calling application which also comes with a voice calling.
  • Skype: this is a well-known application on the android which offers you a feature where you can go on live screen with friends, send text message and lot more.
  • WhatsApp: A free messaging application which is widely used all over the world allows you to see everything live with friends.

Some other app you can us in replacement as Facetime for android you can use to video chat or voice call friends & family from different part of the world. This includes Viber, Tango, Line, and many others. You can easily find the application on your Google Play store.

How to Install the Best Free Video Chat App for Android

Now that you’ve acquired that you can’t access the FaceTime application on your Android device. There is an optional amazing free video chat application you can install on android device to be used. You can simply view the following process

  • On your android device, click the Play Store icon.
  • Use the search bar and type in the above video chat app.
  • Click the app icon and then click the green icon.

Once you click on the green icon, the installation statue will begin to load. Afterward, you can then open the application once it’s completed installed on your device and then sign up for an account in other to start video calling or voice calling with friends.