Facebook Zero – Zero Data Usage on Facebook

On the contrary, Facebook is all about bringing people together all on one platform where they can interact with special communicating tools. The invention of Facebook starts during college and right now it’s considered the top leading social networking site in the world. One spectacular objective of the Facebook platform is to build the fastest and secure means of bringing people closer together both friends & family as well as build relationships. One of the provided means whereby people users can connect with things they love is through the Facebook Zero.

Facebook Zero - Zero Data Usage on Facebook

Approximately, more than 2 billion people connect with their friends and family on Facebook through the use of the Facebook web and the mobile app. The is more reason why Facebook introduces Facebook zero for faster, secure and convenient ways to connect on the web platform. However, the Zero platform is customized as one of the Facebook connecting websites which are also similar to the official Facebook website. Hence, you can learn more about Facebook Zero below.

Fact About the Facebook Zero Website

Connecting with people and also things that actually matter to you the most is one of the top priorities of Facebook. Therefore, the platform is introducing a faster and more secure way to eliminate any barrier in connecting with things that matters to its users. The Facebook Zero is actually acquired by the giant social network site Facebook which made a joint alliance alongside different mobile phone-based internet providers from different countries. Whereby, these internet providers provide low data usage while accessing the Facebook platform on your mobile phone. The feature is similar to m.facebook.com which is the mobile website of Facebook.

On the contrary, on Facebook Zero, there are certain things you might not be able to do like load photos and others. The only means you can use to see photos is by going back to your regular data charges.

How can I connect with Facebook on Low Data Charges?

The Facebook Zero was officially launched at the Mobile World Congress and the platform collaborated with more than 40 mobile internet operators from various parts of the world. Moreover, you can consider the feature as zero-rated or free data services. Keep in mind, the Facebook Zero is offered based on the carriers of the Free Based data plan which also includes not only access to Facebook but also to Google, Wikipedia, Sky Sports, BBC, and others.

In the meantime, you can connect with Facebook not only on low data charges but free. Simply visit www.0.facebook.com on your mobile phone web browser. Also, keep in mind, you can use the platform when you don’t have any MB on your mobile phone and also ensure your device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi.