Facebook Video Call – Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling App

Facebook Video Call – Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling App: Facebook video call means making a voice call with a video on the internet. When Facebook was launched by users where not able to make a voice call. This is a newly added features to enable a good user experience. Facebook video call is available on desktop computer, and on Facebook messenger mobile applications or the normal Facebook app. In July 2011, Facebook partnered with Skype for video call. The video chat on Facebook or video calling Facebook is a feature that allows you to video call users through the Facebook video calling page or on the video chat bot.

Facebook Video Call - Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling App

This feature allows Facebook users to make video calls on Facebook without having to install Skype. In January 2013 Facebook rolled out its voice call feature to users of standalone messenger app on iPhone. Later in March 2017, Facebook released the voice calling feature to Android users through its messenger app. This feature allows users to go over the internet to make voice calls using their cellular data or WiFi connection.

How to Make a Facebook Video Call on Mobile Device

Before making Facebook video call on the mobile app, the recipient must have Facebook app or Facebook messenger either on mobile platform, web version of messenger or on the main Facebook website. Which means both users have to be online in other to get the Facebook video call connected as it requires data usage from both ends. In other to get started.

  1. Visit your mobile app or web platform.
  2. Open the conversation of the person you want to make facebook video call with.
  3. Tap the Facebook video call button located on top of the conversation.

Doing this will start the video calling to the person; wait until the other person answers your video call. You can switch between the front and the rear camera by tapping the camera swap button during the video chat. Once you are connected to the other user, you can now enjoy Facebook video call experience just as it is in Skype.

How to Make Facebook Video Call on Desktop or Laptop Computer

To video chat on a computer, you have to ensure your PC has a webcam connected to it and installed in the computer. Also, video calling on computers require you to have either Chrome, FireFox, Or Opera web browsers as video calling on Internet Explorer, Safari or Edge browsers is not supported.

  1. Open Facebook homepage and click on the chat menu to open your chat list.
  2. The chat menu is located at the bottom-right corner of the page. Click on the name of the person you want to make Facebook video call with.
  3. You can search for the person (if online) through the search text box below the search menu.
  4. On the chat window displayed to you, click on the video icon to start the video call. A window pops up asking for permission to access your webcam,
  5. Click “allow” or “share”. You will then be shown a message telling you Facebook is calling the person.

You may be asked to set up Facebook video calling, if you have not used it before.  A window pops up after you have click the video icon asking you to set up Facebook video call for computer. Click on set up and the setup file will be downloaded to your hard drive; run the file and complete the setup. Once the set up is complete, a window pops up asking for permission to access your webcam.

click “allow” or “share” to grant Facebook permission to your webcam. You will then be show a message telling you Facebook is calling your friend. Wait for the other person to pick up your call. If he picks your call, you will see the video of the person in the new window above Facebook. You can quit the call by closing the window.