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Facebook as an online based social media platform is the most visited today with over a million active users daily. It is a platform which is loved and at the same time used by all, children, adults and even the old respectively. With this type of huge traffic coming to Facebook comes a lot of risks like hacking and cyber-crime. Mostly children and teens are victims of this because they are so anxious about new things.

Facebook Tracker - Facebook Tracker App

Facebook tracker is more like a spying tool for Facebook. Children and most teens spend a huge amount of valuable time on social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and others unknowingly to their parents or wards. Even workers most of the time spend a lot of productive time on social media hence putting your company at loss.

What Facebook Tracker Does

With Facebook tracker, the activities of teens, children, and even workers can be monitored. You can now spy on your underaged kids with ease from wherever you are and at any particular time. Facebook chat messages and conversations can now be viewed and can also gain access to all notifications of your Childs Facebook account with this tool.

According to a Facebook tracker tool user, he says and I quote thanks to this Facebook amazing tool, now I can monitor my daughters Facebook account 24/7 no matter where I am, whether at home or at work. this tracker tool increases transparency in general. It also helps you to discover friends who checked your profile and strangers who checked your profile. That is those persons or users that are not even your friends on Facebook. You should know that only those who have a Facebook account can get access to the Facebook tracker tool. If you don’t have an account and would love to make use of this spy tool, create a Facebook account today at www.facebook.com/signup

Importance of Facebook Tracker

You might consider making use of the Facebook tracker if you are a parent or you a company. But basically, anybody can make use of this tracker tool. You might be worried that your child or ward spends too much time on Facebook or on social media in general. It may be you are concerned about the time your workers spend on the social network, thereby causing you and your firm valuable production time. With this tracker tool, these problems can be identified and rectified in time.

Note that this tool can be accessed through standalone apps. All you have to do is identify with the one you want to use, download, install and get the best out of your tracker app.

Facebook Tracker Features

Facebook tracker features are those services you get from using the Facebook tracker tool. These features include;

  1. Access to all Facebook chat conversations.
  2. The access to all notifications and activity of the user on Facebook.
  3. Time and date stamps with full Facebook page history.
  4. it can be accessed from any part of the world.

these are some of the features Facebook tracker can provide amongst others.