Facebook Timeline Review – Facebook Timeline Setting

Facebook is the most exciting and smartest platform to connect with people around you and also people from different countries. One of the popular activities you mostly find users on Facebook doing is to post content (photos, videos, and status updates) and also check out more amazing stories from friends, pages, and groups. Sometimes, content posted by friends can be a little annoying, probably you were tagged to an abusive post or irreverent post. That’s why Facebook introduced the Facebook timeline review which gives users the ability and power to approve or delete posts you are tagged to by friends.

Facebook Timeline Review - Facebook Timeline Setting

Nevertheless, whenever, someone tags you to a post on Facebook or a friend who you’re not friends with but friends with someone you are friends with tags you in a post. The post automatically appears on your Facebook timeline. Therefore, the Facebook timeline review allows you to check out the post first before approving it on appear on your timeline. but first of all, you need to turn on the Facebook timeline review in other to review all posts before they appear on your Facebook timeline.

How to Turn on the Timeline Review to Approve Post on Facebook

In the meantime, if you’re wondering how can I use the timeline review to approve different kinds of posts that come to my account. This is simple, all that’s need is to turn on the Timeline Review notification setting. So as to control them before they appear on your timeline.

To turn on timeline review:

  • First of all, you need to log in to your account www.facebook.com.
  • Afterward, access your account settings by clicking on the drop-down arrow and select Settings.
  • In the left column you will see different features of account settings, simply click Timeline and Tagging.
  • Under the section of “Review”, you can find different options to control your timeline.

The exciting part of the timeline review is that even when someone isn’t friends with you and you’re tagged to the post. The service automatically prompts the post for you to review even without turning on the Timeline Review setting.

How can I Approve Posted to my Timeline?

After you must have turned on the timeline review setting in other to approve posts. The next thing do is to access the post waiting for approval. In other to access the page where you can review posts so as to approve or disapprove them. You can follow this page:

  • When you log in to your Facebook account, click your profile name.
  • Then you can click “Activity logs” at the bottom of the cover photo.
  • On the left side of the page, click Timeline review.

Henceforth, you can choose to select the post you want to appear on your Timeline by clicking on the icon Add to Timeline. While if you choose not to accept the post, you can simply click Hide in other to disapprove of the post. Keep in mind, you can choose to control what you want to see on your timeline. But note that this might still appear on the Facebook Search News Feed and various sections of Facebook.