There are some exciting features most people don’t know about. Many people false to admit that they don’t know how to use some of the features on Facebook. However, there are certain Facebook key features. Regularly used by all users on the Facebook platform known as the Facebook Timeline. In the meantime, Facebook is built with different kinds of features in other to connect people with what matters the most. In this article, we will talk more about the Facebook Timeline and how to use the timelines.

Facebook Timeline - Facebook Timeline Feature

On the contrary, the Facebook timeline was introduced in the month of September 2011 at the developer conference. However, the features design to integrate an improvement on user profile in other to showcase content according to the year, month, date and more. The timeline gives a significant feature of the newsfeed reader which takes a large portion of the top page. Contented posted or shared such as photos or videos you tag to showcases on your timelines. This is actually different from the Facebook News Feed but comes with a little similarity.

How to Use the Facebook Timeline

In the meantime, all users actually make use of the platform but not all knowns that that feature is called the Facebook Timeline. The difference between the News Feed and the Timeline is that. The News Feed showcase all posts from friends, pages, groups, and others. But the Facebook timeline showcased only posts you posted and also posts people tag you to by friends. Therefore, whenever someone you know post something on Facebook. Or someone tagged someone who’s your friends it appears on your Facebook timeline.

In addition, the timeline covers the section of your Facebook page such as cover photo, edit your personal information, activity, status update and more. In other words, you can regard the feature as your profile page. However to access your timeline is simple, just log in to your account and then click your name at the top of the page.

How to Access the Timeline and Tagging Settings

Most time, the timeline can be frustrating and embarrassing. Whereby some time people might tag you to a post you don’t want. Or perhaps, tagged to a content you don’t like or that look abusive. The Timeline and Tagging Settings allows you to control who can see videos, photos, or posts on your timeless or have the ability to control people that can tag you to a post.

In other to access the timeline setting page, visit the link and click on your profile. Right from the page, you can control people that can post on your timeline, what content people can see on your timeline, and more.