Facebook Timeline Cover Photos – Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures

How can I upload a cover photo to my Facebook timeline? Basically, everyone is familiar with the Facebook timeline or Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. When talking about the Facebook timeline cover pictures, this is a section where you can upload a cover photo. Therefore, showcase on your Facebook timeline for audience or friend to interact with. In the meantime, the cover picture or photo appears as the large photo section at the top of your profile which is within the profile picture.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos - Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures

Facebook timeline cover photos comes into play when you upload a cover photo. This appears in two sections which included the top of your profile and secondly on your timeline. These actually enable people to interest in your cover picture especially friends with features such as likes, comments, and also sharing your cover photo with other friends. Therefore, in this article, this will enable us to divide the Facebook timeline cover pictures into two concepts which are outlined below.

How to Add or Change my Cover Photo on Facebook

I already made some explanatory about the Facebook cover photo. However, keep in mind, that your cover photo is meant to be displayed publicly for viewers to see just like your profile picture. This means someone that visits your timeline page will be able to see your cover photo.

  • Go to www.facebook.com on your web browser.
  • Then on your News Feed, click the profile name at the top of the page.
  • At the top left corner of the page, click the camera icon “Update Cover Photo”.
  • You can select any option you want to apply, to upload, simply select “Upload photo”.
  • This will redirect you to your file manager.

However, from the file manager, you can select any of the images you considered to be your cover pictures. You can drag the image to select a suitable position for the images. Finally, you can click the option Save Changes. Also, you can find more attract images for your Facebook timeline cover pictures on the internet.

How do I Control Who See my Cover Photo?

Just like I mention, immediately your update your cover photo, this appears on your timeline and also on people’s News Feed. Therefore, the Facebook timeline setting helps you to control selected sections of people you want to see anything you post on your timeline. Note even while uploading your cover photo you can also find the privacy section which allows you to control who sees your cover photos

In general, you can simply access the drop-down arrow on the top right side of the News Feed. Afterward, you can then select Settings, and this will take you to the Facebook setting pages. Henceforth, select Timeline and tagging, from onward you can use the feature to control people that can view any post on your timeline.