Facebook Theme Dark – Facebook Theme Change | Facebook Theme Black

Facebook themes dark or Facebook style gallery provides access to the list of free themes created by other users and also the ones created by Facebook. These themes are totally free and they create quite a unique user experience. These themes help to beautify a user’s wall and news feed as it changes the way the normal facebook view looks like. Just like using mobile themes on our mobile phone or launcher user can now change the way their wall looks like.

Facebook Theme Dark - Facebook Theme Change | Facebook Theme Black

Some users may find the usual Facebook wall of blue and white to be very boring. So, therefore, this is one of the reasons users find the theme service to be very interesting. Just like every other devices themes app, Facebook themes is simply meant to beautify your wall or news feed and make it more colorful. These themes can even be changed from time to time for users who like as you can simply try it out. You might get tired of your active Facebook themes or Facebook style gallery on your wall, or that very one might get old. Once you are faced with this challenge all you have to do is to exercise the change theme feature on your Facebook page.

How to Install Facebook Themes Dark

It is important to know that Facebook themes dark can only be downloaded and installed on Facebook through chrome browser. There is a special section on facebook where you can change to Facebook themes dark. Follow these steps to successfully download and install these themes on your wall.

  1. Install the fair share extension by opening a new window and click on apps.
  2. Browse hundreds of designs and select your favorite.
  3. Apply your new theme.
  4. Login to Facebook and watch your profile transform.
  5. Show off your profile design with your friends.

Note that the app’s icon is just under the section where you enter your web URL. You need to click on web store in the new page that comes up on the apps section. just make a quick search by entering the name of the app you want to download.

How to Change Your Facebook Themes

  1. Click on the stylish icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page on your screen
  2. A drop down menu will appear showing library and install options
  3. Click on library to download new themes for your Facebook wall
  4. If you don’t feel like downloading click on installed and choose from the already downloaded and installed themes you have.

It is important for you to know that Facebook themes dark can also be used on mobile devices. It works on PC as its an extension that needs to be installed on your web browser. Get a new look on of your wall when you get facebook themes dark installed on your browser.