Currently millions of nonprofit organization and personal interest have been able to connect with the Facebook fundraiser. Since the development of the Facebook fundraiser, the nonprofits organization and personal interest have been able to create awareness, also drive donation for the cause they care about. This feature comprises not only nonprofits but business or public to acquire support to donate funds or raise money for different use like cancer program, blood donation and many more. However, this is possible through the Facebook Support Fundraiser.

Facebook Support Fundraiser - Can you Raise Money on Facebook | Facebook Fundraiser Donations

On the contrary, the Facebook Support Fundraiser is a feature whereby people can support various causes which includes money or blood donation to nonprofit fundraisers. Moreover, the nonprofit’s fundraiser allows people to raise money through various support from people. Supporters are allowed to set up a dedicated fundraising page where they can share stories and tell people about the fundraiser on Facebook. Plus, supporters can rally around a fundraising goal, you can see how it works.

Facebook Support Fundraiser – How it Works

Basically, fundraising is accessible to everyone but male and female to support different causes they believe in. whether or not support has experiences of fundraising. Facebook has offer tools to make it easier for supports to get inform and inspire friends, family to raise money for various causes. The way Facebook support-fundraiser work is very simple;

  • Facebook gives supporters the necessary tool to dedicate themselves to a fundraising page to donate funds directly on Facebook.
  • No charge deducted when a supporter donates to a cause. Also, Facebook has removed its platform fee for personal fundraisers.
  • Allows you to track impact thereby downloading reports so as to know how well the fundraiser have been doing.

In addition, you can access the fundraiser landing page to locate the fundraiser page. Next, steps are how you can become a supporter of any particular cause.

Facebook Support Fundraiser – How to Become a Support

This procedure is very simple and quick, all you need is to know the particular cause you want to support. Once you have come to the conclusion you can then use the following steps:

  • Visit click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  • Click Raise Money.
  • Click Nonprofit
  • Select Nonprofit/Charity.
  • Select a charitable organization, choose a cover photo, and fill in the Fundraiser details.
  • Click Create.

Note that not all donation is accessible, there are few countries that you can donate and become a supporter. To know more, you can access the link to see whether you can donate.