How can I contact Facebook support? There are various means in which you can use to get connected with the Facebook customer service. On the contrary, Facebook support isn’t different from the help center, you can decide to choose to call it anyone. Because both platforms work with the same similarity to help resolve issues concerning your account features. Therefore, Facebook support is a dedicated solution center in which you find solutions to certain questions and also use other means to contact the Facebook help team.

Facebook Support - Facebook Support Contact Chat

Furthermore, while searching through the internet looking for ways to contact Facebook. Many websites will provide you with an email address and phone number to use in contacting Facebook. keep this in mind, Facebook doesn’t have an email address or phone number in which people can use to connect with the support team. The only means in which you can use to get support from the Facebook help team include Ask a question, help center, and also the Report Something so as to get solutions to your problem with your account.

Facebook Support – How to Ask a Question

Probably, you must have come across the Facebook help community and perhaps you must have found out that people do ask questions and get answers from the Facebook help team. However, you can ask a question about a problem you can’t find in the help community. Simply:

  • Go to
  • Enter the question but first, you need to select the topic, and also sub-topic.

However, you will be provided with frequently asked questions and answers related to your question. In case you don’t see the solution, you can then click “My question is new”. Then you can explain more about the issue and add a screenshot of the question, click Post.

Report Something

On the contrary, this is another provided option to use to contact the Facebook support team. There are certain things you can use the “Report Something” to report an issue you might be facing on your account. While we go through the step you will find out more:

  • Go to your Facebook account and click the question mart icon at the top of the page.
  • Afterward, you can select “Report a Problem” and from the section, you can find out what feature you can report with Facebook.

All you need to do is select an option and from there you will be redirected to the help center where you can report. The requirement included that you fill out the on-screen instruction and upload a screenshot of the problem and finally, click Send. However, you can visit the help center or the Facebook support page