Facebook Stories Settings – Facebook Stories Feature

People are usually fond of just coming to Facebook in other to view stories posted by friends, pages update as well, and more. The Facebook stories were released early last two years and from onward, it’s been considered as the second most view news feed where people can discover contents on the social media website. The Facebook stories settings are known as a privacy setting that allows users to control the privacy of their news feed which included who sees their stores and also personalize the stories to your own preference.

Facebook Stories Settings - Facebook Stories Feature

Furthermore, in case you don’t know what the Facebook stories actually means, it’s regarded as statues update that comprises of short videos and photo collection uploaded for viewers to see. The feature is integrated on the Facebook in-app cameras. Also, while using the cameras you can access more fun filters as well as using the snapchat-like lenses to create video or snap photos. In the meantime, anything you add to your stories appears on the Facebook app or web and also on Messenger which will be shown to the audience across the Facebook platform to see.

How to Change Facebook Stories Privacy Settings

First of all, before, you can consider this setting, you need to create or add a photo or video to your story. Therefore, we will be giving you the opportunity to do that by simply accessing your Facebook account and click on the option Add to Story at the top of the page.

  • Then you can click the drop-down arrow below Your Stories, and select from the following option:
  • Public: meaning that everyone on your friend’s lists can see your story even does that follow you.
  • Secondly, friends and connections: only people that you’re friends with on Facebook and also on the messenger can see your stories.
  • Friends: only listed friends on your Facebook account and on the Messenger app will see your story, meaning the messenger connections won’t see your story.

Lastly, you can also set up privacy using the “Custom” option by selecting the number of people you want to see your stories, and also people you don’t want to see it as well. After selecting your privacy option, you can finally click Post.

How Can I Hide People from Seeing my Stories?

The question also falls under the aspect of privacy settings, therefore, since you have little knowledge of the privacy setting. Very quickly, you can access your account on the Facebook app, and click on the option Add photo or video. Afterward, you can click the Privacy icon in the bottom left of the page.

Furthermore, you can then click the option “Friends and connections or Friends”. Also, click on the option again “Hide Story From and from there you can select the friend you would like to hide your stories from on Facebook as well as the Messenger App.