What is Facebook Stories? How can I see who views my story on Facebook? Nevertheless, Facebook appears has the number platform where 2.3 billion active users connect with friends and family every month. Besides connecting with family and family, many people come to Facebook to check out the latest update from friends and other things they show interest in. For that reason, the Facebook stories is another section of the News Feed that comprises of posted contents such as photos and videos.  

Facebook Stories - Facebook Stories Settings | Facebook Story Video

Nevertheless, Facebook Stories are considered as short contents of collective photos or videos which are uploaded for users on Facebook to engage with. However, not long ago was the feature released and it has been helpful to many people in updating their status. The Facebook stories are also known as Your Story and it’s built-in alongside the in-app camera on Facebook. While using the feature to update your status, you can access fun filters and also Snapchat-like lenses in other to beautify your post.

How do I Share a Photo or Video to Stories on Facebook?

On the contrary, when you create a story on your account, everyone you’re friends with sees your story except you use the privacy settings. However, you can use the Facebook camera or upload content from your device. In other to add photos or video as your story:

  • Go to www.facebook.com or open the Facebook app.
  • Afterward, access the Stories Section at the top of your homepage.
  • Then, click the icon + Add to Story.
  • You can write what you want to post or click Photo/Video.

However, you can add more the 10 contents on your story and afterward, click Post. Also, you can add tags to the post, and other activities. The content you post goes public and it only lasts up to 24 hours and after that, the post will disappear.

How do I share a News Feed Post to my story on Facebook?

In case you wrongly posted the content to the News Feed instead of Your Story. However, you can also share the posts you actually posted on your News Feed with or without mistake as Your Story. This depends on the privacy settings of the main posts. Therefore, to share your News Feed contents to your story:

  • Make use of the Facebook app.
  • Access the post you want to direct to your story.
  • Below the post, you can click on the curve arrow Share.
  • Next, select the option Share to Your Story.

Before, you finally post the content you can also add special features to the post like text, sticker and draw something as well on the post. Also, you can select or control who can see your post and finally click Post.

How to Add More Filter to my Story on Facebook

You don’t need to make your status look dull and less attractive, with special features provided you can add interest filter to your post and one of them is adding music to your story. Keep in mind, not only music, you can add stickers, polls, texts, and location. But the most exciting filter is adding music:

  • When the reach the section where you have added your posts, click Music at the top of the screen.
  • Select the song you want to add and you can use the slider to select the part of the song you want to you.
  • Finally, the song will appear on your story and click Share to Story.

Keep in mind, you can also play around some of the features while adding a song to your story. Also, if you’re using text filter, note that you can’t add music