Facebook Sports – Live Streaming Football App | Facebook Sports Live

Sport is one of the most entertaining factors in the world. On the contrary, there are over billions of sports fans from all over the world supporting one club or the other. However, in other to keep people alive with the latest updated on live sporting newsfeeds. Facebook eventually launched the new live streaming sports app known as Facebook Sports or the Sports Stadium. In the meantime, Facebook Sports is dedicated to all sporting fans to enjoy and experiences sport in real-time with live updated alongside friends as well the world.

Facebook Sports - Live Streaming Football App | Facebook Sports Live

Just like in mention, with over billions of football fan all over different countries, Facebook Sports is considered as one of the platforms to engage in argument, discussion, opinions and lots more with other fellow football fans. Aside from the aspect of sports, Facebook appears as a top of the world’s largest stadium having over 2.4 billion users. Many people use the Facebook platform for different kinds of stuff such as celebrating, argue with friends, commiserate, connect with friends and more. Therefore, the platform built the place for devoted sports fans to continue the feeling, and enjoy watching games with friends even when you aren’t connected.

Features of the Facebook Sports Stadium

Facebook sports act similar to every other live streaming sports app where you can stay connected with live new commentary and update on live matches. Moreover, the platform connects all games in one place which comes with real-time and also appears chronologically.

  • The feature allows you to see posts or comments from friends as they play.
  • However, live newsfeed and commentary come from experts such as teams, journalists and others.
  • Also, you can access live scores, stats, and also a play-by-play.
  • Checkout game info before the starting of the game like line-up, substitution and more.

In addition, with the use of the live play-by-play, you can’t miss out on any action. Whereas, you get to follow every action, thrilling of the game as it unfolds. Also, you can like, comment on posts from friends, and as well share individual plays.

How to Access the Live Streaming Football App

On the contrary, the app isn’t released yet but the platform is integrated on the Facebook app. In other to get started with the Facebook sports stadium, all you need to do is search for the games on the Facebook Watch and the platform will surface a mean in which you can access the games.

Sporting is a global entertainment that actually gives your happiness and most time sadness. However, the platform only supports American football games. Every soon, other sport from around the world will be added such as basketball, soccer, and more. In conclusion, only users on the iPhone device in the US can experiences the Facebook Sports Stadium.