Facebook Social Toolkit – Social Toolkit

Most time it’s frustrating whereby you need to access one feature or the other on Facebook. However, the new Multiple Tools for Facebook or the Facebook social toolkit comprised of different collection of the Facebook features which can be added on the chrome extension. In other words, you can say the Facebook social toolkit is collections of automation tools. The Facebook social toolkit is 100% active and it’s a free working tool that is also built-in with a premium Facebook license key. However, see more about how to get started the Facebook social toolkit.

Facebook Social Toolkit - Social Toolkit

Furthermore, the Facebook social toolkit or the Multiple Tools for Facebook happens to be a browser add-on or extension that actually comprised of different features enhanced by users on Facebook. In addition to the platform, the social toolkit also comes with additional security features and protection in other to help keep your account well secure. However, the Multiple Tools for Facebook helps you to connect with the platform with ease.

Benefits of Using the Facebook Social Toolkit

On the contrary, you can only add the Multiple Tools for Facebook to the Google Chrome extension. One of the important or functionality of the platform is that it allows you to use Facebook with ease. Therefore, here are what the Facebook social toolkit helps you with:

  • Profile Picture Guard: prevent people from stealing your identity.
  • Privacy Changer: allows you to change the privacy of all your posts at once.
  • Interaction scanners: allow you to scan through conversations of friends on your Facebook wall.
  • Messages Counter: you can use to tool to count messages you have between you and your friends.
  • Friends Remover: you can remove people you are friends with ease, and more.

Moreover, there are amazing things you can do with the Multiple Tools for Facebook. However, keep in mind, that this only works on Google Chrome on your PC or laptop.

How to Add the Multiple Tools for Facebook Extension to Chrome

Keep in mind, you can’t use the feature with other web browsers, the Facebook social toolkit is only compatible with Chrome and on PC or Laptop. Therefore, you can follow the procedures below in other to get started.

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Then click the color dotted box apps and select Web Store.
  • At the top left corner of the page, click the search bar and type Multiple Tools for Facebook.
  • Click the blue icon Add to Chrome.

Once you click on the option a pop-up box will appear at the top of the page. Then you can click Add extension, and if you want to cancel the process you can as well click Cancel. At the top of the page, you can locate the spanner icon which means it has been added to your web browser.