On the contrary, one of the strongest and biggest social media platforms is the very own Facebook. Currently, the platform is the leading social media site beating other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others with over 2.3 billion monthly active users. But as of this year, the number of people that are active on the platform every month has increased to 2.45 billion monthly active users. However, the Facebook social media site has a very long history and the platform was launched on February 4, 2004, making it 15 years old.

Facebook Social Media - Facebook Social Media Platform

Furthermore, Facebook social media is known to be an American online social networking service that is designed to help connect family and friends from different locations all on one cloud. However, the service can be accessed across different platform and with the development of the Facebook app you can be rest assure that disconnecting with friends and family is impossible. Also, the platform allows you to set up a free account and enable you to use different features of the Facebook service which includes, Conversation, News Feed, and more to stay connected.

Key Features of the Facebook Social Media

In general, Facebook is an online social media and also a social networking platform for connecting with people all around the world. Moreover, there are certain interesting history of the Facebook social media platform. Aside from that, the following features also build some of the histories of the platform:

  • News Feed: the feature actually controls the contents posted from groups, pages, and from friends as well on your News Feed. From the News Feed in can discover interesting stories that you might be interested with.
  • Friends: one of the mottos of the platform is to allows you to discover more friends. Therefore, you can send people friend request and with the help of the search bar, you can find your long-time friends you lost contact with.
  • Message and inbox: the platform integrates with the chat app known as the Facebook Messenger which you can view unread messaged and also communicate with friends.
  • Groups: one of the activities of the platform happens to be the Facebook group. This is actually created by an individual where you can post content to your group members.

On the contrary, there are more features on the platform which include Notification, Comments, Marketplace, Events and lots more. Moreover, the interesting aspect, all the features are accessible on the Facebook web and also on the mobile app to all users of the social media site.

How to Start with the Social Networking Site

Meanwhile, if you want to join the train of the 2.45 billion users and also to be counted as one of the members of the leading social networking site. Creating an account is free, you can simply visit the website www.facebook.com and fill out the registration process.

Simply, you can add your first name, email address or phone number and other detail to create an account. Afterward, you can then set up your account by adding your profile photos, cover photos, personal details and more.