Facebook Sign In – How to Access Your Facebook Account
Facebook, as we all know, is an online social media and social networking service launched in February 2004 by Mack Zuckerberg. This is said to be one of the most visited social media platforms. Everyone really wants to make use of in share and relating with their friends. To stay connected to this platform user need to sign up for an account or make use of the Facebook sign in steps to access their account.

Facebook Sign In - Facebook Sign in Login

I remember vividly well my first experience with the Facebook sign in. How I encountered some hiccups Signing in to my Facebook Account. These are common issues that I didn’t really take note of why trying to sign in to my account. Most times I tend to enter my Email wrongly on the Facebook Sign in Section or probably my password. Whenever any of this information is incorrect the user won’t be able to access his or her account,

Facebook Sign In – Why You Need To Sign In

Facebook sign in is for returning users who already have an account or completed the Sign up process. This is an access to their account so they don’t need to create a New Facebook Account any time they visit the platform. If you are fully registered on this platform then you have to always click on the Facebook sign in icon any time you visit www.facebook.com web platform. Once you are signed in to this platform you chat, post a status, like a photo or anything that shows up on your timeline and lots more.

Just like other platform signing in to your account is very necessary as this is one way of securing your account. Facebook sign in is put in place to check and verify if the user authorized to sign in. Note that irrespective of who the user is once he or she enters the right Facebook sign in details in the sign in section he or she we be able to access the account. Same goes to wrong sign in details users will not be able to access their account.

Facebook Sign In

In other to sign in to your account the user needs to have a web browser that or mobile app as Facebook is a web platform. There are two basic things needed at the point of signing in to your account. The user needs to enter his or her Facebook Sign in Email address and Password. This are the only thing required from you as you we have to input this two requirement in the sign in section. Let look at how to sign in to Facebook account.

  1. Visit facebook homepage on your device using your web browser or the Mobile App.
  2. Enter your email or phone number depending on which one of them you used in signing up
  3. Enter your password the one you created when signing up. In order to sign in and just in case, you forgot your password. Click the “I forgot my password” link below the sign in fields.
  4. Choose if you want to stay Sign in.
  5. Click “log in” Immediately you will be taken directly to your news feed.

If you are making use of your own computer. You will have to check the “keep me Signed in” box this save your sign details so you don’t need to enter them ant to Sign In. Note that if you are using a third party device it is advisable you don’t use this features as the user can sign in to your account at any time.

Facebook Sign In Using Mobile App

Users can now access Facebook sign in using the mobile app. Due to the vast use of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. Here are some of the steps to be taken in signing in to Facebook using the mobile app. In order to make use of the mobile app. You have to download the app using your smartphone or any other device(pads). The app will allow you sign in Facebook without using your browser.

  1. Open the Mobile App.
  2. Enter your email or phone number and your password. Just as said earlier in case you forgot your password. Click the link below the sign in boxes and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  3. Tap sign in and immediately you will be logged in into your account.

Note that the mobile app differs according to the smart device in use. Users get notifications even when they switch to other applications or when their device is on sleep mode due to their own device settings. Using the mobile app is also the same as using the web browser.