There is always a major problem when it comes to protecting and privacy of your Facebook account. Most people feel irritated with continuous notification or messaging from annoying people. Basically, this isn’t the fault that most people feel inconvenient or uncomfortable with the controlling of the Facebook service. This is more reason why Facebook account settings & privacy is features that allow you to control various angles or activities. Moreover, the Facebook account settings & privacy actually makes to keep your account and other information about yourself private or safe from intruders/trespassers.

Privacy Settings For My Facebook Account - Facebook Settings Menu | Settings and Privacy

Furthermore, Let take a quite instances of what we are talking about, let say you want to hide your friend lists from people, or you don’t want to be tagged on irrelevant photos or videos. With the aid of the Facebook account settings & privacy, you can control that which you want to keep private or public as well as change information of your account profile. This includes changing your profile name, an account password, or even edit your ad account contact. However, I will list out some ways to go about certain account setting & privacy on Facebook.

Where can I Find my Facebook Settings & Privacy?

However, there are two platforms in which access the Facebook account settings & privacy, that includes the Facebook mobile app, and the Official website. Plus, one thing you need to take note of is that the Facebook setting are features that actually make up your Facebook account which includes the following:


This place is where you can make changes or edit certain details about your account. That includes changing your profile name, create a new username, edit your contact detail and others.

Security & Login:

This is one of the most important settings on Facebook when it comes to securing your account from been hacked. With the enhanced features like change password, Two-factor authentication, setting up extra security and lots more, you can stay safe without worrying about a break-in on your account.


If you want to keep a huge distance with people on your account or you want to stay far away from engaging in activities. With the privacy settings and tools, you can control certain features like who can see your future post or even who can send you friend requests. However, there are more other settings, such as your Facebook information, Timeline and tagging, location, Face recognition, and others.

How to Access Your Facebook setting:

  • Go to
  • Click the drop-down arrow
  • Click Settings

On the mobile app:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Click the three-dash menu
  • Scroll down and select Settings & privacy.

However, the structure of the Facebook account setting & privacy on the mobile phone is different. From that section, we have a separate account setting and you can select one option.

What’s Privacy Checkup and How can I find it on Facebook?

On the contrary, there is another aspect of the Facebook account setting & privacy which most people are unaware of which is called the Privacy Checkup. Also, this allows you to review all your privacy settings based on who can see your posts and other information.

To locate the privacy checkup:

  • From the website click the question mark icon (?) at the top of your homepage.
  • Then select Privacy Checkup.

Furthermore, with the help of the privacy checkup, you can see various apps that you use to login with your Facebook account. Also, keep in mind, that the privacy checkup might not be accessible in some accounts right now.