Facebook Services – Facebook Services Page | Facebook Live Streaming Now

Facebook Services – Facebook Services Page | Facebook Live Streaming Now: I am first going to start by letting you know what services are before going to Facebook services proper. This to give you an in-depth understanding of the topic of this article today. Services are transactions in which no physical goods are put in place from the seller to the buyer in terms of economics.

Facebook Services - Facebook Services Page | Facebook Live Streaming Now

So therefore when one says Facebook services they simply mean the various features and products Facebook make available to its users. These services include Chating, Connecting the world together, advertising platforms and so much more. Facebook as we all know is a vast platform. This is the largest and most active social media networking platform in the world.

Facebook rise to fame is based on the quality of its products and services. As a civilized person before making use of any internet-based platform you should first know about the services of the platform as it is very important so as to maximize the full potentials of that platform. Facebook services are very many as most people only make use of the fun aspect of the connecting part of Facebook community.

Chatting and connection is the most popular service of the Facebook web platform. Facebook services stretch to as far as businesses which give one the ability manage his business with a whole lot of ease.

It is important that you know that before anyone can make use of the Facebook services. The user must first be a registered user of the Facebook community. Without being a registered user of the Facebook social portal you cannot have access to any of Facebooks services. So therefore before having access to Facebook services you must have a Facebook account. If you don’t have an account and would love to have access to the vast products and services sign up or create a Facebook account today at www.facebook.com/signup its free.

Facebook Services – Some Facebook Tools and Services

Some of the Facebooks tools and services we will be looking at shortly are directly connected to our Facebook accounts. Below are some of the various tools and services of the Facebook community.

  1. Newsfeed – this is where stories from your personal pages, groups, events, and friends are updated.
  2. Events – this is a tool for creating and inviting friends to an event.
  3. Messenger – it is a Facebook app exclusively meant for messaging.
  4. Photos – this is a tool for sharing and storing photos
  5. Videos – this tool is also used for storing and sharing but for videos.
  6. Profile – this is your personal profile page on Facebook where personal information can be stored.

I will just go on and on if I should continue. The services Facebook render are so many. Other tools and services include groups, search, pages, free basics Facebook lite and so much more.

How to Add a Service Section to Your Facebook Page

The service section of a Facebook page may come very handy for business organizations who don’t deal with physical products. The service section tab allows professional service businesses to create a services tab to highlight their offerings. To add a service section to your Facebook page, follow these steps;

  1. Click on the service tab in the menu items below your cover photo.
  2. After clicking on the service tab you will be taken to another page. On this page, you will be required to add a service. By clicking on the add a service tab you will be allowed to fill out your name price description and if possible a photo of your service.
  3. Click on the publish indicator on the left sidebar after you are done with the adding a service. Publishing your service is very important as your service will only be seen by you and the page managers if you do not publish them.

Note that in order to get all in place from the service section of your Facebook page you might want to use the pricing field as an alternative call to action tool. Also, you can use each service item to detail one service. For example, if your business is the type that offers only one service. You can utilize the service item space to provide a piece of in-depth information about the details of your service.