Facebook Search Group – Search Groups on Facebook

On the contrary, Facebook happens to provides a method by which users can make use of to discover or find new groups to interact with within the Facebook ecosystem. Facebook is actually getting more involved in building communities in which marketers, entertainers, advertisers, and lots more can connect with a large number of audiences through the Facebook group. However, the Facebook search group is actually is a search engine feature that allows users to discover/find out groups of their interest to interact with.

Facebook Search Group - Search Groups on Facebook

There are hundreds of Facebook groups to join, in other to have a stress-free method of locating a particularly interested group of yours. The Facebook search group provides easier and more effective ways by which you can find groups to join on Facebook. This also gives people the opportunity they need to connect with showcase their brand or engage in one or two groups to become interactive with audiences. However, there are various ways in which you can search for groups on Facebook, you can see that below.

Facebook Search Group – How to Search a Facebook Group on mobile phones (iPhone & Android) or Web

On the contrary, the Facebook group is an advertising community platform where people are free to adverts their product, engage with large audiences and the opportunity to create a networking cloud to meet potential customers. There are various groups you will encounter while searching for groups to join.

 To search for groups:

  • Access your account either on the web or mobile phone.
  • Then locate the search bat at the top of the page.
  • Next, you need to enter the name of the group you want to join.
  • Last scroll down click Group on the search filter to see more related groups.

Another way you can search is through categories, suggested for you, and groups that your friends as joined under the Facebook group discover.

How to Search in a Facebook Group on your Phone or Web

Besides searching for groups to join, the feature also allows users to search for content, name or videos inside a Facebook group. Therefore, in case you have missed out on the latest update or want to remember a particular post. You can search in a Facebook group with the following steps.

  • From the news feed click Groups or click the three-horizontal line on your phone.
  • Then click Search above the cover photo or “Search this group”.
  • Next, you can enter the name or keyword that you see in the post or comment of the post you want to find.

Finally, you can then filter your search with categories such as Most recent, posted by, tagged location and date posted. That way you can find more effective results when you search for something in a Facebook group.