Facebook Search – Facebook Search Engine | Search for something on Facebook

Facebook has it seem to be apparently a big networking site with lots of amazing content such as profile account, pages, videos, posts, pictures, and lots more. With millions of content been posted on Facebook every day. it is actually hard to locate just a single content out for millions of posted content. However, just like every other platform, the search bar is an important tool to help users with an easy search result. Therefore, the Facebook search bar is currently the most powerful graphical control element use in locating content on Facebook.

The search bar is usually located at the top of the Facebook homepage with a single-line text box or search icon. That enables you to input or search keywords (for example a name) into the search box and get the results of your search known as the search result. However, you search for words on Facebook the result you get are actually based on your activities on Facebook.

How to Search for Somethings on Facebook

The procedure in searching for something on Facebook is very easy and without stress. All you need is the required search keyword and the following steps:

To search for something:

  • Go to your Facebook account either on the web or app
  • Locate the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook.
  • Then click on the search bar and enter your search keyword.

To filter your search results

  • Type the search keyword in the search bar.
  • Then click a filter at the top, for example, people, or page to go straight to your search.

Keep in mind, that while typing the search keyword, you will come across some predicted keywords for what you’re looking for. Once you locate that, you can then click on the search keyword or the enter key to see more results.

What Shows up in the Facebook Search Results?

On the contrary, search supports keyword searches in other to enable a quick and easy result of what you are looking for on Facebook. Therefore, you can search with different categories of the based-on people, videos, links, apps, events,s and lost more. Moreover, just as I mentioned above, the Facebook search result is actually based on activities that go on with your Facebook account. It includes:

  • Groups you joined or page you like on Facebook
  • Places you were tagged by friends or places that are related to those places.
  • Posts you tagged someone to or post tagged to you by your friends.

In addition, there are several options in which your Facebook search result shows up. You may also see results on people you aren’t friends with. In conclusion, the Facebook search bar can be located in any features on Facebook such as pages, groups, friend lists, and others.