Is possible to do a search on someone on Facebook through the use of phone number? Countless numbers of people often asked this particular question. However, Facebook doesn’t allow users to use phone number do finds a find on Facebook. But until now yes, it is possible for you to search for friends through the phone number. On the contrary, Facebook search by phone number is a new feature added last year which allows users to use the phone number to easily lookup for someone either friends or family.

Facebook Search by Phone Number - Facebook Search Box

Moreover, Facebook is currently the best means of connecting with friends and family. Besides the use of the name to search for someone, Facebook lately introduces the Facebook search phone number to help people narrow down people they know without having to use name or email. Contrarily, the Facebook search by phone number works in a different aspect. That includes the phone number you use to sign and making use other someone phone number.

Facebook Search by Phone Number – How to Look up Someone by Phone Number on Facebook

This particular aspect as to do with when you use your phone number to sign up for Facebook. In other to look up with him/her. Therefore, you need to have the person phone number on your mobile phone and makes use of the Facebook messenger. Then all you have to do is:

  • Set Facebook Messenger as your SMS app on your mobile phone.
  • Once that is done it will automatically lookup with the person only if the number is associated with Facebook.
  • Or you can turn on Sync Contact so that you can see the list of people in your contact that is on Facebook. 

Note that you can only look up with someone who has a Facebook account. If the person is not on Facebook, it will display can’t friend such a person.

Facebook Search by Phone Number – Another way to Find a Person on Facebook by Phone Number

Note, after signing up for an account Facebook using your phone number. Facebook will suggest friends based on your contact info and other means. But another way you can search for someone is using the main search engine on the messenger app. Therefore, open your messenger app> click on the search engine> type the number on the search bar and click on it. Then will the Facebook profile info appear and you can now send them a friend