Facebook Search Ads – Facebook Search Box

On the contrary, today Facebook announced a new update on the Facebook business advertising known as the “Facebook search ads”. The world biggest social networking site talk about the aspect of testing ads in its search result. This will be integrated as a primary search result on the messenger app and on Facebook search results. Moreover, the Facebook search ads are the on-the-go as a testing search as which will offer users, especially advertiser a new opportunity to provide an effective ad display range. Whereby advertisers will be able to extend their ads campaign over various platforms.

Facebook Search Ads - Facebook Search Box
Facebook Search Ads – Facebook Search Box

The Facebook search ads experiment isn’t yet globally accessible but is only available to advertisers in countries such as the United State and Canada within the automotive, e-commerce businesses, and retail. According to Facebooks, recently announced that the feature will soon be expanded to more countries according to the testing search ads. Hence you can use the opportunity to learn more about the search ads right in this article.

Everything about the Facebook Testing Search Ads

Moreover, if you’ve been an advertiser of game, brands, entertainment, app or any categories for a while. Facebook is actually dabbled with the search ads in the search features and also to the Marketplace to compete with just like other platforms link Google AdWords. Back then first tested the sponsored results in 2012 but eventually wasn’t able to complete the project. Now is currently enabling small sets of automotive, retail and e-commerce business advertiser to showcase ads through the search result page on the mobile phone in U.S. and Canada.

However, the reintroduction of the Facebook search ads opens an opportunity to create a new avenue advertising placement at a time which can appear on the News Feed. Hence, it will be an interesting process whereby advertisers will be more willing to engage and reach out to audiences on various platform.

How the Search Sponsored Post on Facebook Work

Note that the Facebook search ads were formally referred to as “Search Sponsored” or “Sponsored Results. However, Facebook is majorly placing the search ads in important features which includes the following Search ads on:

  • News Feed ads with a headline, image, copy text and a link.
  • Search results on pages and Marketplace.
  • appear either as static image ads or in a carousel format.
  • In placement option when creating a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

Once the Facebook search as appears of the following Facebook feature. It generates more traffic to your ads campaign, and help people to connect to your ads earlier. Keep in mind that, the Facebook search as only accessible in the United State and Canada, not yet in other countries.