Facebook Post – How to Post on Facebook Page and Group | Facebook Post Likes: what is a Facebook post? Or should I start by asking what a post is rather? A post is a piece of writing, image or other items of content published online, typically on a blog or social media website or application. Facebook as a social media mainly is for connection. The Connection we are talking about here is that of a social nature with friends and family of course. Facebook can also be used for business purposes. The Facebook post is a feature of the Facebook community that every Facebook registered user has encountered. You cannot be a Facebook user without making use of the Facebook post feature. Facebook post can be your status profile picture and so on.

Facebook Post - How to Post on Facebook Page and Group | Facebook Post Likes

A Facebook post can even be videos uploaded by a user and the list goes on and on. A Facebook post generally can either be a message in a special delivery cyber box, a comment, a picture or other media that is posted on the user’s page or wall. Facebook post, unlike tweets, are not limited to 140 characters only. They can be write-ups illustrated with pictures and videos. Facebook users can post directly to Facebook through smartphones or uploaded from a computer. A good Facebook post should be able to capture a reader’s attention. Note that the Facebook post feature and Facebook post can only be used and seen respectively by registered Facebook users. So, therefore, to be able to make use of this platform and you don’t yet own a Facebook account create or sign up for a Facebook account at www.facebook.com/signup.

Posting or figuring out what to post on Facebook can be hectic and tedious. Generally, we can say finding the right thing to post on Facebook can be tough. You have to know what the said audience is interested in before you can post. Just because you see a particular style of post working for your friend does not mean it’s going to work for you. The basic reason why most Facebook users post on Facebook is to get noticed and gain engagement from your friends and fans. Below are few tips that can help you with Facebook post.

How to Write a Perfect Facebook Post

  1. Try to ask a question with your posts. The question you should ask should or can either be an open-ended question or a yes or no question. If you want an engaging response from your friends or fans on your post, I advise you should ask open-ended questions just to get the conversations going.
  2. Always try to make your post short. There are tons and tons of Facebook post on a Facebook users feed. So the idea here is not to bore a user with your post as most users will tend to skim through posts quickly so as to cover a lot of post in time for other activities. Your post should be creative, interesting, short and straight to the point.
  3. You might want to consider not stressing your friends or fans by letting them comment all the time. Tell them exactly what to do like click like and share. It isn’t all that bad by telling people what to do, but it shouldn’t be done on all of your posts.
  4. Be positive about and in your posts. According to survey people tend to respond more to positive posts than negative posts. Generally, your posts should always convey positivity as no one wants to be engaged in negativity. Users may get the messages on negative posts but will not like, comment or share your post.
  5. Posting is not only in writing, photos and images can also be posted. Images tend to get more engagement as users are more likely to share a post with their own friends. Some people are naturally not good at writing so, therefore, using photos and images relating to their subjects is a great way of passing their messages.

How to Post On Facebook

With these few steps, you can successfully post on Facebook.

  1. On the top of your news feed or timeline click on what type of story you want to share.
  2. Fill in the details of what you want to share.
  3. Select an audience e.g. public.
  4. Click post.

Facebook Post on a Page You Visited

  1. Type in your post into the box at the page’s timeline.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right and select to post as yourself or as a page you manage.
  3. Click on post.

The user must be login to his or her account in other to post a post. Note that Facebook post on a page won’t show up on your timeline as pages are different from timeline.