Facebook Pay Apk, how does Facebook Pay work? Facebook pay can be used via the Facebook pay app on your mobile devices. the Facebook Pay setup is simple. The Facebook pay account setup is regarded as a perfect and secure way of making payments on the Facebook platform and other social media like Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, etc. However, Facebook payments make it’s easy for their users to move money easily to their social platform without stress. However, you can also use the Fb pay as money sending the app to split bills with collages or services to order platforms online. On the contrary, Facebook looks into the aspect of making money moving funds easy and secure for its users. So, they came out introducing the Facebook pay apk in the year of 2019 November 12. After lunch, Facebook and messenger pay have also begun as one of the easiest ways to move funds to your social media.

However, there are terms and conditions regardless of the user of the Facebook pay system on Facebook whereby you have to easily read carefully before you continue the process. Facebook paying users can make use of the services as a great means of sending money to friends and family. It’s not only used for making payments on social platforms but can also serve as a great payment for other services also. Messenger pay is more like a peer-to-peer payment site with which you can actually and easily buy different things.

The Different Between Facebook Pay and PayPal

Most people are doubting what to use either messenger Pay or PayPal. However, both systems are currently available and it serves free for the most transactions. This might be a tough argument between both. But the use of PayPal and Fb Pay is totally vastly different in terms of components. Here in this article will be giving you some quick tips between PayPal and Facebook Pay below.

  1. The use of PayPal works mostly at more stores.
  2. Facebook Pay is easier and simple to set up.
  3. The use of PayPal service work in more countries.
  4. While Facebook Pay does not access charges fees.
  5. becoming a PayPal user doesn’t require a Facebook account

however, PayPal and pay through are totally different because Facebook pays also accepts PayPal why PayPal is on its own account and most use in-store ordering.

How Can I Setup Facebook Pay

I am going to be giving you the easiest tips on how you can set up Fb Pay. Which it’s also serves as a way of making or sending money to someone.

  • Note that, you need or have to open deliberation between the person you want to send money to or request money from.
  • Locate the dotted four menus at the left side of the text field and then click on it.
  • locate the Pay Friend, and click on the money icon if you are a user’s desktop version of the Facebook site.
  • Make enter of the amount and an optional note. Then you can now choose between REQUEST and PAY.
  • You will be asked to dd your payment information. Meanwhile, you can pick either Add Debit Card or Add PayPal. As for desktop user debit use will be your selected option at the screen.
  • You will be asked to select your payment method which will be shown that you’ve added it to your account.
  • Enter Pay or Request to complete your transaction. Besides, if it happens you select PayPal, you will be asked a resort to select the payment method from your account that you choose to use.

How Can I Go Back to My Previous Add Payment Method?

To complete this process is very easy once you are able to follow the steps and instructions given to you. All you have to do is Open the menu Messenger and select the Payments. Then you can add a new debit card or PayPal account. Then you can complete your action. However, for the desktop user, you can complete this process by clicking the menu and select Settings. Then you can also select Manage on Facebook from the Payments section.

Here is another short step on How Can you can access Facebook Pay setting using via Facebook website

This is another way you can complete the Pay Facebook from the official Facebook site. Visit the www.facebook.com. And then enter your login details to begin the process.

  • Locate the drop-down arrow from your page, and then click on it.
  • Scroll down to locate Facebook Pay, and then click on it.

Then you will be able to see all your Pay transactions. Can you see how easy it was, then you can start your own transaction from today by using the Fb Pay from your main Facebook account. In conclusion, you cant access Facebook pay if you don’t have an account with FB site or mobile app. This process can also be done on your mobile device also.