You need to stop the failure of nor being able to control the activities concerning your Facebook business page. However, if you miss any opportunity in getting more audiences or control your audiences that is actually your problem. Therefore, in other not to fall on the same expression. On the contrary, your page is eventually your business presence, or profile on Facebook and is presented as a physical shop, provide friendly customer service and is also a positive experience for marketing success. Hence, the Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to stay connected to your page at all time.

Facebook Pages Manager - Facebook Pages Manager App

However, the Facebook Pages Manager app enables you to stay informed, and give you access to quickly respond to customer service immediately. Most especially, the pages manager app allows you to manage actually up to 5o page from your internet connected devices like your smartphone, iO, and tablet. With the application on your device, you can check and control page activities, see more insight and share new contents with audiences.

Overview of the Pages Manager App

On the contrary, Facebook Pages Manager is a mobile app software designed to provides business a free fast-space platform where they can connect with customer or audiences, get insight, and control multiple page activities. The Page Manager app allows the following:

  • Quickly post contents, updates and manage various page without the use of the computer on the mobile phone.
  • You can access messages faster, read and reply messages sent by your customers in any location.
  • The app is also linked with Facebook and Instagram to your account. In other to manage messages on Facebook, comments on your posts and also comment from Instagram in one inbox.
  • You can receive notification about important activity and access notification from different pages on one spot.
  • You can also keep tracks of your ad promotion, stats and various operation on your page in other to build your business.

This is the various performance of the Facebook Pages Manager that you can learn how you can install and get started with the application for better page performance.

Facebook Pages Manager – How to Install or Download the Page Manager App

In other to install the Facebook Pages Manager app you don’t need any form of payment option. The app is a free downloadable app which is available on Android devices at the Google Play store and the iOS devices from the Apple App store. Hence, you can visit the platform on your devices to install the app on your devices and get started with the feature.