Facebook Notification – Facebook Notification Settings | FB Notifications on mobile

Facebook notification is a feature of the Facebook internet-based social media platform. This feature is meant to notify Facebook users of important events as they come up or kind of a reminder. These events maybe tag comments on your post, likes, and events on your group or group activities. You might even get notifications about your Facebook pages. When you have a new Facebook notification.

A red bubble will appear with the number of new notifications that you have received. And this red bubble will appear over the globe icon or bell icon. There are separate notifications for private messages and friend requests though. Facebook notification is a very powerful tool for users. Especially those people who can barely remember other things besides whatever it is they find themselves doing at a particular time. It can even remind you of a friend’s birthday and so much more.

How to View Your Facebook Notification

Facebook sends every notification of activity that involves them directly such as comments involving or concerning you, group activity, liked pages, or even tags. And you can only view your Facebook notifications by being an active Facebook user. Firstly you have to create a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.

After creating a Facebook account you will therefore have to log in to your Facebook account, opening the notifications menu, and selecting individual notifications or viewing the entire archive. Follow these steps in order to view your Facebook notifications regardless of any platform you are using being it mobile or desktop.

On Mobile

  1. After successfully creating a Facebook account, download and open the Facebook app.
  2. Log into your account on the Facebook app by entering your email or phone number and password.
  3. Tap the log in tab to continue.
  4. Tap the globe icon located at the top of the Facebook page close to the human icon representing friend request.
  5. Your notifications history will show, tap on anyone you would love to view.


  1. Log in to your Facebook account via your desktops web browser
  2. Fill in your email address or phone number and password into the corresponding fields. Click on log in to complete the process.
  3. on your Facebook page click on the globe icon which will open a drop down list of recent notifications.
  4. Click see all found at the bottom of the notifications drop down, and by clicking this it will bring you to a list of notifications that Facebook has saved for you.

Facebook Notification Troubleshooting

If maybe you are not getting the notifications you want. Find the settings option at the top of your Facebook homepage. And click on notifications on the top left corner of your Facebook home page. Here you can access all your notifications. After opening your notifications list, right in the corner of each notification is an ‘x’ icon. Click on it to disable future notifications from that source specifically.

This option is for disabling future notifications from a single source. You should also know that private messages and friend requests will not appear in this general notifications list if that’s maybe what you are thinking. To view friend requests click on the ‘people’ icon to view a list of a friend requests. And to view private messages click on the ‘chat’ box, this also includes Facebook chat.