Facebook News Feed Problems – Facebook News Feed Not Loading | How to Fix

News Feed isn’t working, why is my Facebook News Feed blank or perhaps my posts not appearing on the News Feed? All these questions or issues written above are all regarded as Facebook news feed problems. Facebook is a fascinating platform in which you can easily discover the latest news around the world and also a way to stay connected with what matters to you. Unfortunately, the Facebook News Feed problems comprise of issues concerning the updates in the middle of your page just as mentioned above.

Facebook News Feed Problems - Facebook News Feed Not Loading | How to Fix

On the contrary, the platform can’t be 100% perfect and this is more of the reason why issues pop up. Recently, users complained about seeing more ads than updates posted by friends and pages they follow. However, Facebook made an ongoing survey with a hundred thousand people deliberating how the News Feed can be better and more efficient. For that reason, through the News Feed preference, people can control what they want to see more. In the meantime, there are lots of Facebook news feed problems and whatever the problem of your News Feed you’re facing, the help center is the best solution.

Why is my Facebook News Feed Blank?

Probably, you’re facing the particular issues, whereby the post you updated shows blanks, First of all, you need to understand that News Feed comprises of updates from people, pages you follow, groups you joined and more. However, in case your News Feed shows blanks, you can close and reopen Facebook in other to refresh your News Feed. You can update your webs browser, mobile app, or the reset the device.

My Post aren’t Appearing in News Feed on Facebook

On the contrary, posts are meant to appear on the News Feed immediately it’s been posted for your selected audiences. In case you find out that your post isn’t appearing you can simply follow the above steps as well and if it doesn’t work. You can report the issue to Facebook letting them know the issue you’re facing.

How to Access the Help Center on Facebook

This help center on Facebook comprises of different features of Facebook. The News Feed is also one of the features where the help center provides you answers to most problems of the News Feed. Hence, to access the aspect of the News Feed is click on the link www.facebook.com/help/1155510281178725/?helpref=hc_fnav. However, you can find out more about the Facebook News Feed problem and also solutions to the problem. In conclusion,  also visit the link as well as www.facebook.com/help/contact/167649556677152 in other to report problems in case you can’t find it in the help center.