Decorate and beautiful your Facebook timeline with amazing New Year images to express a desirable conscience alongside greetings of the New Year celebration. Image plays great importance on everyone’s life and which is why Facebook New Year images best provide on the internet. Hence, you don’t need to wait before the New Year arrive you can decorate both your profile picture Facebook New Year image is one the best way to send Happy New Year greeting to your friends and relatives. Thus, the Facebook happy New Year image offers the concept where you can fill your account with a variety of images.

Facebook New Year Image - Happy New Year Facebook Profile Picture

However, you can revamp your Facebook cover with new and exciting New Year cover of the season. Therefore there are exclusive collections of vivid and colorful Facebook New Year images best provides on the internet. Hence, you don’t need to wait before the New Year arrive you can decorate both your profile picture ready on your device.

Facebook New Year Images as Profile Cover

First of all, you need to download the New Year images from the internet and after that, you can upload it’s on your cover. Besides, you also need to have a Facebook account in order to log in the platform. Then you can use the following procedures:

  • Go to on your web browser and log in your account.
  • Then access your profile icon at the top left corner of the page and click on it.
  • Then click the camera icon on top of the account to upload the New Year image.
  • Click upload photo and select the image from your file manager then you can click upload.  

Therefore after uploading the images you can click save and have its showcase across all your timeline when someone views his or her profile. Note that, you can beautiful your Facebook cover with happy New Year image messages.

Facebook New Year Image as Profile Picture

The profile picture is a perfect feature to upload the New Year images because it displays attractive appearances towards the New Year celebration. Also, the same procedures on the Facebook cover also apply to the profile picture. Once you have accessed the Facebook account profile instead you can click the main profile and click upload photo.

After selecting the New Year image you can then click save and it will load for a minute. Then you Facebook New Year image will be ready. Also, note with your formal picture you can redecorate it to the New Year image. ThereBy clicking add a frame and select the New Year caption then you can set it as your profile picture.