Facebook New Year Cover – Upload Facebook New Year Cover Photos

First of all, Happy New Year to millions and millions of Facebook account users across different countries celebrating the new beginning of the year. This is actually the right time to beauty and colors your Facebook profile cover with amazing New Year wallpaper. Facebook New year cover is a profile picture or wallpaper you can use to wish all your friends and family on the very famous social media network a happy new year.

Facebook New Year Cover - Upload Facebook New Year Cover Photos

Apparently, most Facebook users will be familiar with the profile cover update which allows you to share and express ideas or feeling in form of a wall picture. Initially, there is thousands of amazing New Year cover with love and joy and candlelight on the internet. Where you can download from and place it on your Facebook cover photo. However, one of the prestigious places to get a New Year cover on your Facebook account is accessing the Pinterest web or app platform.

How to Access Facebook New Year Cover Photos

As mention earlier the internet provides thousands of New Year cover pictures that you can actually use to beautify your profile cover picture. This will actually express the biggest admiration and love toward the beginning of happiness with people around you whether your family or friends. Use the following tips to search for a Facebook New Year cover:

  • First of all, access the internet and launch the web browser to find some site.
  • Then on the address bar type Facebook New Year cover and click the enter key.
  • Stream through the search result and select any site option.

Once you have located the beautiful New Year photo for your Facebook cover then you can download the image. Also regarding the Pinterest, you can download amazing New Year quote, photos and more. Afterward, you can upload the image on your profile cover with the aid of the Outline below.

How to Upload Facebook New Year Cover Photos

Actually, there isn’t something new about the uploading a new year cover photo. It appears the same way you upload your cover pictures. But this time you can use decorate more New Year cover on your profile using the following steps.

  • After downloading the image you can access your Facebook account with the main URL www.facebook.com.
  • Then enter your email address or phone number alongside your password on the appropriate text field and click “log in”.
  • Then at the top of the homepage access your profile icon and click on it to open a new profile page.
  • At the left-top corner of the page, you can locate a small camera icon which indicates update cover photo and click on it.
  • Then select the option “upload photo” from the selected categories.

After that, you can select the picture from the computer file or mobile phone to upload the cover. Note that, it requires a dimension of the image that’s at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. Finally, your Facebook New Year Cover will be shown across friends and family.