Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser – Mothers Day Facebook Tribute

Holidays and cultural moments are always a great opportunity to feel relax and celebrate each of the moments with family alongside friends. There are various holiday and cultural moments all over the world such as Independent Day, Father day, children, New Year, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day and lot more. Therefore, Facebook is using one of the mediums to celebrate the holiday and cultural moment. Hence, I launched the Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser in honor to celebrate the incredible Mother’s Day all over the world.

Facebook Mother's Day Fundraiser -  Mothers Day Facebook Tribute

On the contrary, Facebook has committed to help women and girls through the Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser with various causes. Due to the fact that women today have the power to change lives, their community and make the world better. The Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser is actually a nonprofits organization aim at raising fund from women with various causes which includes Breast Cancer Care, Helpless Mother, violence against women and lots more. Therefore, we will guide you through the Mother’s Fundraising for nonprofits organizations. There are various ways to get the most from Mother’s Day.

Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser – Create a Fundraiser from your Nonprofits Page

Basically, the Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser happens to be the very moment where you can raise awareness about a various cause that can be of help to mothers and money. By going to the right occasion to the right supporters, you can use Facebook to leverage mom’s special day through the process:

  • Visit facebook.com/fundraisers/
  • Click the Raise Money button.
  • Then select the nonprofit you want the fundraiser to benefit when asked: “Who are you raising money for?”
  • “Who is organizing the fundraiser?” click the dropdown menu. The person creating the fundraiser will see their personal profile, alongside any other Pages they Admin that are eligible for creating fundraisers. Select the nonprofit Page you wish to create a Fundraiser for.
  • Add a fundraising goal and deadline, and hit Next.
  • Fill in the title and description of your fundraiser, and hit Next.
  • Lastly, pick a cover photo. Then hit Create, and your fundraiser will be live to the public.

With this, a verified nonprofit page can now set up a fundraiser from their page and require you to set a goal, along with a deadline for your fundraiser.

Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser – Activate a Donate Button on Your Page

On the contrary, donate button is a simple and unobtrusive method you can to add more donating feature, this also encourages followers to raise funds to your cause through the following steps.

  • Go to your nonprofit’s Page.
  • Then select Add a button, or if you have a button, hover over, and select Edit Call to Action
  • Click Donate through the drop-down.
  • You can now click Donate through Facebook if you’ve already signed up to use Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools.
  • Select Donate through a website if you want to direct users to your site.

Once you have completed the following steps, the donate button will appear at the header of your page and not only that but also on your posts. These are the following step to set up the Facebook Mother’s Day Fundraiser.