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The internet is one place where everyone comes to in other to discover amazing things and join various platforms. On the other hand, Facebook is one of the most popular internet search platforms. It’s actually a social media networking site where people join other community of people to connect with each other. Facebook Messenger is an interesting messaging app to join. Normally, the app is designed as a Facebook chat where people can interact with their family and friends. Moreover, the Messenger is dedicated to the website interface and also function on a separate app.

Facebook Messenger App - Facebook Messenger Download | Facebook Messenger Download App

While using Facebook Messenger, you can connect with your family and friends with special connecting features like video call & voice call. You can send text messages, send photos, videos, audio and also files. Another aspect is that the app also comes with a gaming platform that allows you to access and enjoy amazing games to play. However, Facebook Messenger operates on Web, Android, Windows Phones, iOS, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Overview Features of the Facebook Messenger App & Web

Keep in mind, there is no difference between the app & web only the appearance of the homepage. The similar feature of the Messenger app is the same as on the web. However, the platform as one purpose of interacting and communicating with the people on Facebook.

  • Text messaging: you can exchange messages with friends and family from various platforms.
  • Dark mode: you can actually make your homepage or screen look like a night version.
  • Facebook emoji: access amazing emojis, dancing GIF, sticker in to send to friends to express yourself better.
  • Camera: share every single happy and sad moment with friends on Facebook using the Messenger Camera, plus you can add filters and share them in your stories.
  • Rally the group: from the app, you can easily make a plan with friends by creating a poll, share locations and more.
  • Video chat: hangout with friends even when you’re absent from their presence with the use of the video call.

In addition, while using the platform on your mobile phone, you can also use the Facebook free mode. Plus, the app allows you to send and receive money but it’s only accessible within the US, UK, and France only from friends.

How do I Download Messenger on my Phone?

First of all, you can access the Facebook Messenger on your web browser using the link www.messenger.com. Simply sign in your Facebook account with your email address or phone number and password. Then click the option Keep me sign in to stay connected always and lastly click Sign In.

  • From the page, click the app store that is linked to your device.
  • Then will redirect you to the page where you can install the application.
  • Click install or get and sign in your Gmail account or iTunes account.

Afterward, you need to access the various app store you see on the home page on your device. The app would have been stored on the app store waiting for you to complete the downloading process. Finally, after installing sign your Facebook account to get started.