Facebook produces a lot of memories ranging from when you start share pictures, videos to becoming friends with someone on Facebook. Recently, the social networking site launched the Facebook Memories, a single place on Facebook that actually showcases all the happy moments you share with your friends and family. This includes major life events, posts you uploaded to tag to friends like (Photos & videos) friends you made for the past month and others.

Facebook Memories - Memories on Facebook

On the contrary, there are over 90 million people that make use of the feature On This Day in other as a remembrance of the happy moment they have encountered on Facebook. Based on this research has made it known that this usually brings a sign of positive feeling or mood in people’s mind. Therefore, this is more reason why Facebook memories are another important feature and the service has made it possible that users find it easy to access.

What Things Appear in Memories?

Furthermore, Facebook Memories is a collective data of things or activities that you have been involved in for the apart few years you have been using the platform. Moreover, there are different sections of your memories page this included On This Day (contents you love and known), Friends Made on This Day (list of people you became friends with on that particular day). We also have the recap of memories, and memories you may have missed. However, things that appear in Facebook Memories include:

  • Contents you posted on Facebook.
  • The tagged post you’re mentioned in.
  • Major life events
  • Marriage anniversary you add to your profile timeline.
  • Time of the particular day you became friends with someone.
  • The time you joined Facebook.

In addition, we also have photos you take from the cameral roll on your devices and also recaps of activities from the past month or year. Keep in mind that pictures you took from your camera roll appear in memories depends on if you choose to add them.

Where do you Find Memories on Facebook?

Since all your memories are deeply personal, Facebook doesn’t just share your memories with everyone. You can decide to share them with your Facebook friends. However, you can access all your memories including the one you’ve missed from your new feed.

Simply access your account, from the news feed at the left side of the page click “See More”. Then scroll down and select Memories. The same application goes on the mobile app. Just click the menu icon, click see more, and lastly click Memories. However, you can set a notification to ensure you don’t miss out when a new memory is made.