Facebook Marketplace 2021 – How to access the Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace guidelines

The Facebook marketplace 2021 comes with a lot of advantages to people in different communities in your location. Members are offered the services of selling and buying on the website. There are things you should know about the services and where it is available. In case you don’t know what the marketplace services do. You have the benefit of opening a marketplace in your community without renting to shop or building a shop.

The shop is already built for users without paying for anything. It’s free for users to starting selling items and also buying stuff on the services. The marketplace has no different from the marketplace you go to. The items you buy at the shopping mall are also bought for the Facebook marketplace community both used and new items. The location of the services is located in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, and some other countries.

The starting of the marketplace introduced to users but not in place. Until now that the services have been launched for users to discover items, buy and sell items in the community or localities. The Facebook marketplace is just like a Facebook group the permit members to sell and buy items in the group. As a parent and your kid is in need of an item urgently and you don’t know what to do you can buy items from the marketplace.

The marketplace has improved the process of streaming the homepage with the main focus of buying and selling through the local store on your mobile app. using the marketplace app to purchase items allow users to purchase items from someone you might know or stranger and then meet them in person to make transactions of goods and currency. Accessing the Facebook marketplace might be deceiving something. There are guidelines you need to follow before buying or selling items.

Guide in Using the Facebook Marketplace 2021

Using the Facebook marketplace has a download. Because the people you rea meeting is a stranger. You need to be careful when making a purchase in the marketplace. The first time you need to do is to get to meet the people through conversation. The platform allows users to messages to sellers before meeting the people. The second guide is to meet the seller in a safe you can choose a meeting that is safe to both the seller and the buyer.

You can report any suspicious transaction and also check the items before buying the item. If you sellers on the services you must have the items available for the sale, meet in a safe place if you want to sell. Photography of the items and lastly the mobile app. For your own safety, you need to follow the guidelines for accessing the marketplace.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace has its own access devices which are an android phone, iPhone 5 and iPad. The web browser is exceptional and doesn’t have a link page. Users have the ability to access the homepage with the Facebook mobile app. Facebook account and then follow the step below;

  • The mobile app has the marketplace on the homepage. Then click on the icon.
  • Enter your email and password then log in.
  • Click on the icon marketplace at look like a shop below with blue roof.
  • Then click the items you need to buy and message the seller.

In terms of selling items just click on what to sell, upload the picture, add a description of the items, and then click on offered for delivery. Note that the Facebook marketplace also has free items available on the services.