Facebook Market – Buy and Sell on Facebook | How to Buy and Sell Items on the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has been impressive over a couple of years with lots of amazing innovations that help people easily connect to what they are looking for. Basically, digital marketing is taking 70% of online trading on the internet. Nowadays, we see lots of online marketing sites where you can buy and sell items without having to leave the comfort of your home. However, with the new arrival of the Facebook Market, a convenient destination to discover lots of amazing items to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace.

However, the buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace is an eCommerce platform where people can find ting to buy, and also get to sell items to people in your community. Also, the marketplace is a free marketing option where you can view items that place for free meaning you can buy items for free. Moreover, buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace makes things easier to discover new things that you will love and also discover things that need to be part of your home.

Buy and Sell on Facebook Market Place – How to Sell Items on the Marketplace

On the contrary, when you sell items on Market place, it allows you to create a listing category whereby people can search for your items to buy. This also will be displayed on the news feed, search engine as mention, and other places both off or on Facebook for anyone to see.

To sell on the marketplace:

  • From the Facebook, app click the shop icon which is known as the marketplace in the left menu
  • Next, you can click the + Sell Something and the select Item for Sale.
  • Next, you need to provide details of your items such as name, price, and categories the item.
  • Note if you wants to place the item for free you can click fee and enter 0 as the price.
  • Then you need to upload up to 10 pictures if the items.
  • Lastly, you can click Post.

Keep in mind that is the post is grayed out that means you haven’t included the required detail and ensure that you do so. Also, ensure that want you’re selling complies with Facebook commerce police for you to be marked as eligible to layout your item for sale.

How to Buy Something on the Marketplace

Most people are using afraid of buying items on the marketplace due to the way online scammers are beginning to raise. However, Facebook has made it possible for buyers to feel secure when purchasing an item on the Marketplace.

To buy on Marketplace:

  • From the Facebook, app click the marketplace icon that looks like a shop.
  • Click an item you want to buy or use the search categories to select interesting items.

Still based on the aspect of security, you don’t need to provide any payment option, all you need to do is view the product, and once you are interested in it you can contact the seller by messaging. Afterward, you can draft out a meeting point that is convenient to both of you.

Buy and Sell on Facebook Market – How to Get Facebook Marketplace

Very quickly if you don’t know where to access the Facebook Market, the feature is available on the Facebook app is rolled out to a few countries. Note in case you try the web platform and you see “Marketplace isn’t available to you”. It’s either means you recently joined Facebook or the marketplace isn’t launched in your country yet. Or perhaps your account isn’t doesn’t meet up with the required terms.

In addition, sometimes it can be the device you’re using, the marketplace doesn’t work with iPhones devices older than the iPhone 5 and you also need to update to the new version of the Facebook app.