Facebook Log Out – Secure Your Facebook Account By Signing Out
Facebook is one of the most visited social media platform on the internet as it has over a billion user. This is a platform that holds details about a user and some other information including the user’s photos. It is very important that you Log out Facebook Account from any device that’s not yours as other users can gain full access to your account.

Facebook Log Out

Facebook Log out gives you as a user access to secure your Facebook Account on the device you sign out from. There are so many users out try to get hold on your account and that’s very complicated. If you are a user who always makes use of other users device. That’s not yours it is advisable you complete the Facebook Log Out process to ensure that your account is safe.

Facebook Log Out – Why You Need to Log Out

It is very unsafe if you don’t sign out your account from other devices that are not your personal device. Because when anyone tries to make use of that device they can access you your account as it has not been Logged out. Most times unauthorised users make use of that advantage to change the user’s password and start communicating with the user’s friends.

There have been many issues as regards unauthorised users who are trying to defraud other user friends or try to use other users ID on Facebook to defraud other users. You just have to always make use of the proper Facebook Log Out process. Logging out of your Facebook Account gives you full safety on your account been hacked by unauthorised users.

Whatever type of device you are using or platform be it mobile app or web browser its very secure that you log out Facebook Account on that device. Always make sure that your account is always logged out as this is one best security tips. No matter how strong your password may be Facebook Log out on third party device is very necessary.

Facebook Log Out – How To Log Out Facebook

Login out your account is very easy and fast. Most users just don’t know where Facebook logout button or probability how to log out Facebook. If you have been ignoring this why using a third or other users device please always log out your account from now onward.

  1. After you have successfully completed Facebook Login process.
  2. At the top right section where you see the icon pointing downward click on the icon.
  3. Scroll down to where you see the Log Out icon and click on it.

By clicking on Log Out you have successfully login out your account on that device. One mistake users make is that they always click on the save my password or tick the remember me icon which saves their password automatically. Please don’t make use of that features if it’s not your personal device. As it is recommended you logout facebook account from any device that’s not yours. Note that there is no special facebook logout page just as you have Facebook Login Page just follow the above steps.