Facebook Location – Manage Business Locations for Your Facebook Page

How well do you know where your business or ads is getting more attention and in what location do you connect most? Or probably, your business has more than one location and you’re looking for ways to promote different business location to the potential audiences? On contrary, introducing today’s the Facebook Location that enables you to connect and manage your entire business location on Facebook in other to strengthen local pages, and local brand awareness ads.

Facebook Location - Manage Business Locations for Your Facebook Page

Aside from the fact that larges business enjoys the use of the Facebook ads, the local business page has also always been one of the important components on Facebook. Whereby the social networking site has taking a forwarded approach over the past few years in making the platform a primary destination for local marketing. With the Facebook Location it gives local business page the opportunity to add new local page, edit contents for existing locations and also customizes your location from one central spot. However, there are various opportunities and benefits of using the Facebook Location

Facebook Location – Benefits of Using the Business Location for your Facebook Page

Moreover, as a brand manager or marketer, that has a local branches or store, it’s very important of using the business location whereby each of those location have its own uniqueness to your business page on Facebook. Here are what happen when you use the Locations, businesses can:

  • Help customers to find a business faster
  • Offer localized content
  • Help you manage all locations on one particular or convenient spot.
  • Aggregate check ins on the main page.
  • Lastly, help manage local Facebook ads.

This following are what you’re been offer with, when you integrate with Locations to your Facebook page. Above all, the Facebook Location also give offline business the ability to better organize their activeness on Facebook especially if the business has multiple locations.

Facebook Location – How to Create or Manage Business Locations for Your Facebook page

On the contrary, if your business functions on multiple stores, dealerships or restaurants. This enables you to add details of the following business page from your page in other to help customers find you. Here are the following steps:

  • Go to the Facebook Page for your business.
  • Choose Settings in the top right.
  • Select Locations in the bottom left. This will open the locations manager tool in Business Manager.

Then you can upload locations for the first time and makes use of your page has an address. However, you might come across a warning messages where you’ll be asked to address some addresses that are on your main page. This is due to the fact, that you have multiple business locations whereby the main page supposed to be as a ‘parent’ for you brand and with ‘child’ Facebook Pages for each address.