Facebook Live stream – How to stream on Facebook | Watch Live Videos Facebook

How do I get updates on live news on Facebook? In the meantime, Facebook Live video offers you a great insight into what’s happening around the world at a particular moment. As we all know, what the live video is all about, if you use the Messenger app or video calling app, then you will know what we are talking about. Furthermore, Facebook News Live is a broadcasting page where you can stream live news updates of different news stations you can think of on Facebook.

Many news stations now make use of the Facebook live in other to broadcast the latest happening around the world live on the mobile phone or PC. Since, millions of people connect to Facebook every minute, with the use of the Facebook live Map, people can easily find live news updates. Most times, this Facebook news live appears on your News Feed or as a notification that, the page is about to go live. But first, you need to follow or like their page, before, you can think of streaming live footage on Facebook.

How to Find Facebook News Live Videos Around the World

On the contrary, we have different kinds of News page on Facebook and probably most of you are aware of. We have Sports news, Entertainment, Business, Politics and more all from various news stations. Therefore, one of the easiest where you can search for the news station on Facebook is to follow them on their page to get live updates of news stories. For instance, if you want to stream live news broadcast from CNN, BBC, or Al Jazeera. Use the Facebook search engine and find their page to follow them.

Furthermore, you can also visit www.facebook.com/watch/live or facebook.com/livemap to access the Facebook new live page. At the top left corner, you can search for videos to stream and also check out how you can stay connected with live updates.

How to Turn on the Live Notification

In the meantime, you can turn on the notification icon in other to get notified whenever there is a live video. Meanwhile, turning on the notification setting on the page allows you to stay updated on the latest live video on your notification icon.

To turn on live notification:

  • When you access the video your stream as mentioned above.
  • Then you can click on the bell icon at the top page.
  • Next, you can select All.

In case you could find the option, you can click the three-dotted lines beside the Share icon. Then, click “Turn on notifications for the is post”. Note, you need to like the page or follow the page of the station you want to get updates of live News Feed.