Facebook Live – How to Go Live on Facebook | Facebook TV Live

Go Live on Facebook – Facebook TV Live Streaming
Facebook Live is a Facebook feature that makes use of a camera either on a computer or mobile device transmitting real-time video to Facebook. The live broadcaster decides who can see their video on Facebook and use the content to captivate their audience during the moment. This is a joy to marketers as it allows them to market their brands and build on relationships with their fans and followers in real-time. The tv facebook live broadcast is used to go live on Facebook now. However, there are different services that use live streaming which includes, live streaming now Soccer, live streaming now ufc, Boxing, NBA, Facebook live streaming now Church, and also live streaming now Basketball.

When you are trying to look at content that is been broadcast live on either TV or on other online platforms. Users get more audience depending on what your content is all about. As will all know the internet is a place where you can reach out to as many people as you can. You can make use of the live features on Facebook which also means Facebook TV Live just as you have your local Tv Station.

How to Use Facebook Live

If you are trying to reach out to lots of users online educating or showing them a product. Going on Facebook TV live is the best option you can get in promoting your business and reaching out to your audience worldwide. Make use of the Facebook TV live as you can host live video content and reach out to as many users as you wish to reach out to.

Most users are looking out for how to use Facebook Live as their own Live TV platform. This is the best good for users who want to sell or promote a product but there setting things the users have to put in place to get started. Note that, you need a device that has a camera so as to make your video. Also, users will need to have a good internet connection. Let get started.

Click the Camera icon on the Left of Your Search Bar

When you open your Facebook mobile app, go to your news feed. Tap on the camera icon to open at the left of the search bar and give it all permission to access your mobile camera and microphone in other to go live. Facebook users can also go live when you open up the status bar and locate the Go Live option from the menu down below.

Grant Facebook Access to Your Camera and Microphone

For the first time, you will be notified to give access to your camera and microphone by Facebook and once you permit Facebook to make use of them, this will make you use your front camera to go live.

Navigate to Live on your Camera Screen

Since you have authorized Facebook to access your mobile device camera and microphone, you are ready to shoot. Your Facebook camera is by default on the non-live photos so you need to switch to live video from the bottom of your screen for different kinds of visuals you want to create just click on LIVE at the left below.

Choose Your Privacy and Posting Settings

Facebook Live is set to “Only me”, which means, you are the only one who can see the live video any of your Facebook friends cannot. You can change these settings by clicking on them.

Give a Description On Fb TV Live

Write a description for your broadcast, which appears on people’s news feeds like a statue on top of the video. Write something that will catch their attention and give them enough knowledge to help them understand what your broadcast is all about.

Tag Your Friends and Choose Your Location

Tap on the icons at the bottom of your screen and tag people who appear in the Facebook live video, you can add your location or share what activity is in the broadcast. These few things add more design to your video and increase the way to find you and also allow people to tune in.

Set Camera Orientation For Facebook TV Live

Place your camera in the direction you want it to be before you begin the Live Video, the background of your setup screen display what your camera sees. You can change the camera view to selfie or vice versa by rotating the arrows icon on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

Click “Start Live Video” button to start the Facebook Live

Clicking this button, you will start going live as Fb will start the countdown from 3, 2, 1 and then you will be live. Once the you start streaming, your video will appear in your News Feed and other News Feed just as a post.